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Surprising New Treatment for Peanut Allergies


Many individuals with a peanut allergy have to live their lives on constant alert, keeping a sharp eye out for something – some food or even someone who could trigger their allergy.

But allergy and asthma specialists are developing a new treatment for allergies, and it contains ingredients that patients and professionals alike had formerly considered taboo.

Diminishing the allergic reaction

According to Dr. Matthew Fogg, a professional from Allergy and Asthma Specialists, this new treatment involves taking a tiny dose of peanut protein extract and placing it under the tongue for up to two minutes a day. Fogg says the treatment will not cure a peanut allergy, but the minor exposure to the allergen will gradually diminish a patient’s reaction.

“Where before [someone] may have reacted to half a peanut in the cookie, now [he or she] can tolerate five, six – in some studies even seven peanuts without having a reaction," he told ABC News.

Doctors like Fogg do encourage those with peanut allergies to continue avoiding peanuts in their regular diet, but the treatment can give them peace of mind that an accidental peanut cookie won’t be deadly. And that peace of mind is something we’ve all been waiting for.

Source: ABC News

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