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Prestigious Private School Found At Fault For Boy's Peanut Allergy Death


A coroner has found that the prestigious Scotch College preparatory school in Melbourne, Australia is at fault for a student's death. The Coroner found that systemic failings at the school directly led to the 13-year-old's death in 2007, reports ABC News Australia.

Nathan Francis, a student at the school, died after eating an army ration serving of beef satay while participating in a cadet camp run by the school in the nearby Wombat State Forest.

The school had previously been informed that Nathan had a severe peanut allergy. However, according to an inquest into his death, the first aid training provided to teachers at the camp did not include in-depth coverage of allergies or anaphylaxis.

The inquest found that the teachers had ignored the medical summaries they were provided, which listed students' medical conditions. It also found that the teachers were not informed about newly released school guidelines about anaphylaxis, and were hesitant to use an Epi-pen, which contains epinephrine that could have stopped the deadly allergic reaction.

The Coroner ruled that Nathan's death was preventable, if Scotch College had exercised a reasonable standard of care. His parents have reached an undisclosed settlement with the school and with the Defense Force, which supplied the beef satay ration that caused their son's anaphylaxis.

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