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Child's Peanut Butter Sandwich Confiscated at Peanut-Free School


In Arkansas, a student's peanut butter and jelly sandwich was confiscated by a teacher at a peanut-free school.

One child in the elementary school class has a severe peanut allergy. That student's mother, who happens to be a nurse, believes that people with allergies should learn how to effectively manage the problem, rather than "live in a bubble."

Yet the school her child attends has gone peanut free in an effort to protect kids with food allergies. No peanut products are found on the lunch menu. The district's nutrition coordinator Clint Walker explain that the policy was instituted a few years ago, because " With the increasing risk of allergies, more students have an allergy to peanut butter and items with peanut butter in them."

Peanut Butter Sandwich Taken From Student

According to Walker, students are still allowed to bring peanuts products, such as a PB&J sandwich, from home. Yet when one student brought a peanut butter sandwich for lunch recently, it was confiscated by the school as a possible danger to the classmate with a peanut allergy. Some other schools across the nation have no-peanut allergies; peanut products are not even allowed in lunches brought from home. Yet such policies are rarely actively enforced through confiscation of lunches, as apparently happened in this case.

This story has already stirred quite the debate over how far schools should go to protect students from coming into contact with peanuts. What do you think of this school's actions?

Source: Today's THV

By mb1554 on Sun, 05-31-15, 18:58

Confusing. How can it be a 'peanut free school' when students are still allowed to bring peanut products from home? The district needs to get their act together. However, there is little credibility to the argument that anyone has the right to eat peanut products at school, however, all children have the right to be safe at school. Even an imperceptible amount of PB on a child's hand could result in a lethal reaction to PA child. When did the need to eat a PB&J sandwich trump a child's life? It is both astonishing and illogical that this is even an issue of debate. Entirely too much ignorance, callousness and selfishness over the ridiculous assertion that some have the 'right' to eat peanuts anywhere they choose.

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By sconkle on Sat, 04-11-15, 19:34

Yay Arkansas! Peanut free schools are absolutely necessary for some kids. The severity of the allergy, the reaction history, the age of the child and the education of the school staff all play a part in deciding to make a school peanut or even peanut/treenut free. The arguments between advocates and people who think a sandwich choice is as important as a child's life are frustrating and time-worn. When will school officials and parents understand that keeping a child safe at school (a place where there are many other kids adding to the accidental ingestion equation) is not the same as keeping the child in a 'bubble'. I have never understood this description. This is school. A place for kids to learn safely. I would like people to try to imagine learning when surrounded by things that could kill them (guns, lions, poison, whatever you want to imagine). It just doesn't seem conducive to learning. How far is a school willing to go to keep kids with autism safe? How about deaf kids, or kids in wheelchairs? Why is this food item so much more important that kids' lives?

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By Renmac on Fri, 10-19-12, 14:26

I so very much agree about peanut free schools. I cyber school my daughter who is in kindergarten because our schools are NOT peanut free. I get so mad when parents of non allergic kids complain that their child's rights are being taken away because they are not allergic to peanuts and their kids want pb&j for lunch. Get real. You wouldn't take someone allergic to bees to a place to gather honey!!!! They don't get it that one small exposure to peanuts could kill our children. We struggle as parents of PA parents to limit exposure so we won't have to ever use the epi-pen. The most horrible feeling in the word is to watch a loved one struggle to breathe knowing there is not anything you can do but give the epi-pen and race to the hospital hoping that the pen works. Maybe they should have to see a child have a peanut reaction to truly GET IT!!!

By Dasha1128 on Fri, 09-28-12, 04:37

I think there is a line between keeping allergic safe that crosses into hysteria. Of course no parent will admit that. Maybe I am naive but I think FA children can be kept safe without outright bans.

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By mb1554 on Sun, 05-31-15, 19:04

Yes, I am certain you are naive. When even an imperceptible amount of peanut butter on a child's unwashed hands can trigger a lethal reaction in a PA child, how would propose to keep these children 'safe'? Please tell me, as the mother of 4 kids, why the desire or need to eat peanut butter at school, at the risk of another child's LIFE, is so almighty important?

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By Ivanyalessa on Thu, 09-27-12, 16:11

Some parents might think that this is not fair for the rest of the students. However what they don't understand is that something so simple yet can kill a person in no time. We almost loose our son last year because he swallow a small piece of reese cup that was given to him by a friend at school. Thank God he ate it at home and we were able to intervene.

Public schools are another totally story and to have a law like this one is very hard...very hard...

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By sdamore2003 on Thu, 09-27-12, 14:29

I agree. More schools should go peanut free. We are talking about a potentially life threatening situation. Students should be aware that what they are eating could cause the death of the person sitting next to them. I hope in the near future to see more schools going peanut free.

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By rrimmer on Tue, 09-25-12, 22:37

I think it's great. I wish more schools would enforce their peanut free policy. It should be zero tolerance just like meds. You can't bring guns, finger nail clippers, nail file, advil, pocketknife....the list goes on. These items are treated with ZERO tolerance. Peanuts can kill my daughter - alot easier than any of these items listed above. I like that the lunch was taken away. Take away the lunch and give the child a cafeteria lunch. He shouldn't go hungry just because the rules weren't followed.

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