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World Allergy Organization announces new editor for Journal

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The World Allergy Organization (WAO) is the most recognizable global organization for allergy and astham awareness, comprising many groups from around the globe.

The World Allergy Organization Journal (WAOJ) is the respected publication produced by the WAO for its constituents and interested parties worldwide.

The journal has announced a new editor-in-chief for the WAOJ, Alessandro Fiocchi, M.D. Fiocchi is Director of Allergy at the Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu in Rome, Vatican City. He is well-published in the fields of food allergy diagnosis, epidemiology and childhood asthma.

The WAOJ is an open-access publication available to anyone interested.

“With a worldwide platform, the journal offers a special opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas from different regions in the world,” said Lanny Rosenwasser, M.D., President of the World Allergy Organization. “We are delighted to have Alessandro Fiocchi’s leadership during the next era of the World Allergy Organization Journal as an open access publication.”

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