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Visiting Disney World With Food Allergies


If you or a family member has food allergies, the prospect of traveling anywhere can be a bit scary. Will you find enough to eat? Will the experience suffer because of the allergies?

With such an emphasis placed on food at popular tourist destinations like Walt Disney World, you may be wondering what options are available to those with allergies. Thankfully, Disney is renowned for its accommodating policies, making their restaurants some of the best places to eat if you have food allergies. Recently, Mice Chat took a look at dining at Disney World with allergies and offered a few tips to those planning a Disney vacation.

Noting Allergies

When making your reservation to dine at a Disney World restaurant, note that a member of your party has a food allergy. You'll be asked about special dietary needs whether making a reservation online or over the phone.

When you arrive at the restaurant, let the host or hostess know about your allergies, even if you already noted it on the reservation. This information will be passed along to the server and chef.

Expect the chef to visit your table personally to discuss your allergy. If you are dining at a buffet, the chef will often walk the buffet offerings with you to point out which dishes are safe.

If you have multiple food allergies, Disney chefs will often prepare a special meal. Every table service restaurant throughout Disney World has the means to satisfy every diner, regardless of his or her allergy.

Disney's Quick-Service Locations

Many Disney diners have found more accommodations at the table service restaurants than at quick service locations, simply due to how the restaurants are set up. At quick service locations, more of the food is pre-made, limiting the chef's ability to customize it for a particular dietary need. Still, they will provide full ingredient lists, if needed.

Ask about dining options before visiting the park; most parks have one location designated as the go-to stop for those with food allergies. Although all restaurants should be able to assist you, the designated restaurants in each park will offer a wider range of food options for those with allergies.

If you have questions about dining at Disney World with food allergies, you can always contact the Special Diets Team. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of more than half a million guests with food allergies who are served at Disneyland or Disney World every year.

Source: Mice Chat

By jenteme on Fri, 02-15-13, 02:54

We have gone to DW twice, and the staff could not have been more accomodating. Our daughter has a severe peanut allergy, and the chef personally came to our table to show her what she could not eat at the buffet. Fast-food type restaurants also had lists of menu items and their complete ingredients, including whether something was manufactured in a peanut facility.

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