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New test detects proteins from milk


Biomedal and Emport have released a new product called AlerTox, a milk detection kit.

The kit is designed, says the manufacturer, to be easy-to-use, accurate and capable of detecting low levels of allergenic proteins.

For those with milk allergies, either caseins or beta-lactoglobulin (or both) can trigger the reaction. These milk proteins are relatively common in foods, and AlerTox is made to detect them in cross-contamination scenarios.

Built for the food and drink manufacturer's use, including industrial kitchens, it allows simplified testing for dairy-free food preparation.

The AlerTox kit works in less than 20 minutes and can detect proteins in quantities as little as 2.5 ppm. This allows compliance with the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA). Kits come in 10- or 25-packs of detection sticks.

More information can be found at emportllc.com.

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