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Miley Cyrus Claims Unusual Food Allergy


Singer and actress Miley Cyrus recently admitted to allergies. However, her reactions aren't caused by seasonal allergies, or a common food allergen like peanuts or shellfish, which afflict millions of people worldwide. Instead, she claims a more unusual food allergy: cinnamon.

According to Gather.com, Miley's sister Brandi recently tweeted "Weather is amazing today. And I'm having cinnamon rolls and coffee. It's gonna be a good day!" Responding to her sister's tweet, Miley commented "Damn you! I'm allergic to cinnamon!!! AND they are my favvv :("

Other than the tweet, Miley has never mentioned her unusual allergy. There's no word on when Miley discovered that she had an allergy to cinnamon, or whether she's ended up with any serious reactions caused by the spice.

At first thought, it may not seem like an allergy to cinnamon is that bad. However, traces of cinnamon are found in plenty of baked goods, and many packaged foods where you wouldn't expect to find the spice.

Though cinnamon buns may be Miley's favorite, it's probably not worth making herself sick just to have a bite. It's so interesting to hear how so many different foods can cause allergic reactions. Do you know anyone with an unusual food allergy?

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