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Allergy Research Focusing on Mother's Diet


A new study at the University of Western Australia is looking at how expectant mothers' diets might affect children's food allergies later in life. The study, recently funded, will involve about 2,000 pregnant women, monitoring intake of eggs and peanuts.

The study was funded as part of a large National Health and Research Council of Australia project to fund medical research into allergies in Australia. The study will be headed by Professor Debra Palmer of the University of Western Australia.

Risks for food allergies could start before baby is even eating solid foods, researchers say.

The goal of the study is to establish a link or disprove any links to an expectant mother's food intake and her child's risks of developing a food allergy. The study will consider the mothers' diets from early in pregnancy through to breast feeding.

The study will watch intake of both peanuts and eggs, cataloging how much of each is eaten, following pregnancy through birth and breast feeding. It will then examine records of the children involved and whether a food allergy develops.

The goal is to ease the minds of expectant mothers regarding food intake and allergy risks for their child as well as to add or remove one more thing from the chart of risks in order to move towards the goal of reducing food allergy concurrences in Australia and globally.

Source: SBS.com.au

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