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Food Allergy Book Wins Pinnacle Award


Flourishing with Food Allergies, by A. Anderson, has recently won the 2009 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best book in Health.

The subtitle of the book “Social, emotional and practical guidance for families with young children” sums the book up perfectly. With food allergies on the rise, Flourishing with Food Allergies is a great go to book for those just newly diagnosed as well as those well versed in food allergy life.

The book includes the authors family story first, then goes on to cover the stories of 14 other families. The middle of the book covers theories, facts and findings from genetically modified foods to food allergies and autism. The tail end of the book discusses potential solutions, diet and social situations from birthday parties to play dates as well as travel and airline guidelines.

The media hasn't always been kind in their portrayal of the food allergy community. This award celebrates all that food allergy writers and parents are trying to do—spread information, education and awareness.

For more information on Flourishing with Food Allergies and the author, visit http://www.flourishingwithfoodallergies.com/. Here you will also find sample chapters of the book available to read as well as other reviews.

Ruth Smith is the mother of a child with multiple life threatening food allergies
and founder of Best Allergy Sites: a food allergy directory and resource guide.

By HookwormIsHope on Wed, 11-03-10, 23:33

This is good; inspiring. =)

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