Oneida Medical Jewelry

Company Overview

Chicago 1963

Forty-six years ago the American Medical Association, headquartered in Chicago, met with several people in response to a need for a design and program to alert others of a special medical condition when a person was unable to communicate. When the program was announced, Don and Genny Bennett, newlyweds living in Chicago, went to the AMA offices to discuss the program. The proceeded to design a medical alert necklace and metal wallet card with a custom-engraved symbol. Their company, then known as National Nameplate Co., was included in a national mailing to all U.S. pharmacies. They have sold their products through independent pharmacies ever since.

Computers Fuel Oneida's Growth

In the early 80s, computerized engraving machines were invented and the company promptly switched from their Imperial stamping machines to computers. Their original Dahlgren Wizzard still works and is used occasionally but now they have a variety of computerized engravers to accommodate all of their different materials. The advent of computer engraving made it possible to produce nicer products and Oneida was the first company to do so. Many companies had been converting dog tags to medical tags and these utilitarian models were found in many pharmacies, including Walgreens. But Oneida never used converted dog tags, preferring to focus on designing products for people.

The arrival of the internet brought the next major change to the industry. Again, Oneida Nameplate was one of the first companies to build a website that provided medical alert bracelets and necklaces. At the time, few companies made similar items but today there are scores of them.

Oneida: Still Unique

Oneida remains unique because of its beaded bracelets. They work with many people who make beaded bracelets and sell them through their own websites. Oneida provides them with their engraved plates and charms which the beaders then attach to their own bracelets for their customers. The result is a beautiful medical alert bracelet. To increase exposure and sales for their partners, Oneida provides a beaded bracelets gallery on its website.

Real People and Real Value

Don and Genny Bennett are still actively involved in the company, appreciating it more each day. They are located in a small community near Manchester, Iowa, where they enjoy rural life. Their offices and manufacturing facilities are located in the midst of fertile Iowa farmland. They are continually intrigued by the worldwide sales originating out of the heartland. When you call Oneida Nameplate you speak with a real person, one who’s interested in the customer. Customers are pleasantly surprised to find their orders shipped the next day. Upon receipt, they find that Oneida products are a true Midwestern value: high quality at a reasonable price. Almost daily they receive thanks and compliments from happy customers, some of which they put on their website. To read them, visit the Oneida site today.


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