Dollface Desserts

Company Overview

Dollface Desserts is a company that specializes in creating snacks, treats and desserts in an environment that is proud to be 100% free of all peanuts. As founder, Emily Lewis knows, when you have an allergy to peanuts – variables as slight as the kitchen counter or sponge you use, could mean life or death. Sounds scary, but we do the work to ensure you have nothing to fear. Our tag line, “we take out the peanuts and add the love!” Is such largely due in part to the fact we want our consumer to know nothing – not taste, experience, excitement or flavor is removed when we remove the peanuts. We are a bootstrap business. Established in 2011, we put the small amount of cash we had on hand, a ton of heart, time and dedication into creating this brand. Our dreams expand as big as they possibly can and as new entrepreneurs we will stop at nothing. We want to bring a sweet experience to our customer from the moment we meet be it through our website, in person or of course whenever you taste Dollface Desserts. The world needs more happy and we want to deliver it anyway we can!


  • Los Angeles, CA
  • United States
  • Tel: (818) 600-1896
  • Website

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Peanut Free



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