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AllergyFreeKosher.com We are your one stop shop for all your allergy-free and gluten-free food items at rock-bottom prices. We believe gluten-free should be affordable and that's why our prices are the lowest in the industry with free shipping and fast, dependable service. We carry a huge selection of the very best foods available, including peanut-free peanut butter, gluten-free cookies and much much more.
The Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), California Chapter
AAFA is dedicated to controlling asthma and allergic diseases for millions of sufferers. To carry out this mission, we will:
Educate individuals and organizations on steps that can be taken to improve sufferers quality of life; Support medical research and specialized training for the healthcare community; Increase public awareness of the severity of asthma and allergic diseases; Provide medication and treatment to the under-served
Visit aafacal.org to learn more.
The Peanut Allergy Guru's mission is to simply raise awareness for food allergies. This blog, written from a teen's perspective, shows others how to survive with friends and teachers, how to safely eat school lunch, and more. It is time for everyone to wake up and realize the number of people affected by food allergies.
Visit PeanutAllergyGuru.com to learn more.
FoodAllergiesRecipeBox.com is a resource for recipes that avoid the 8 most common food allergies plus a few more. Our goal is to bring awareness to food allergies, eczema and create a large resource where people can easily find and share allergy friendly recipes. Please join us on this journey creating allergy free food the whole family can enjoy!
Visit FoodAllergiesRecipeBox.com to learn more.
Sarah M. Boudreau-Romano (the Allergist Mom) is a pediatrician who completed her fellowship in Allergy/Immunology. She is a mother of four children, three of whom have multiple life-threatening food allergies. The stories shared in this blog are meant to serve as a source of encouragement, and at times commiseration, as you seek creative solutions to the challenges facing the food allergic life.
Visit TheAllergistMom.com to learn more.
Columbia Dining is committed to making its dining halls safe places to eat. The university recognizes that nut allergies are one of the most common food allergies. Columbia's dining halls have removed all nuts and seeds from their recipes. Each dining hall uses clear labeling and has created special "nut zones" for peanut butter, raw nuts, and seeds.
Visit Columbia.edu to learn more about how Columbia handles food allergies on campus.
Stacy Molter is a parenting expert who shares her experiences raising multiples with other mothers of multiples, and helping families of children with food allergies learn to manage their allergies through education and support.
Visit her site now to for allergy-free recipes and more.
AllergyFreeAndSugarFreeSnacks.com provides valuable information to help those diagnosed with a food allergy, food intolerance or the need to limit their intake of natural sugars. Here you'll find safe alternatives to common candies, confections and snacks.
Visit now to learn to read food labels and more.
AllergyPhoods.com is run by Tracy Bush, a food allergy consultant and the mother of a child with severe food allergies. As a food allergy consultant, Tracy helps those recently diagnosed with a food allergy about how to begin their new journey into the world of allergy-friendly foods.
Visit AllergyPhoods.com now.
Peanut Free Planet serves the food allergy community by providing peanut-free treats. Their mission is to make sure that no one feels different or deprived just because they have an allergy. They carry a wide range of chocolates, candies, granola bars, peanut butter alternatives, and other treats.
Click here to purchase allergy-free goodies.
Finding foods to meet your food allergy needs can be difficult at times. Whether you have a peanut, egg, dairy, shellfish, tree nut, coconut, sesame, sulfite allergy or other food intolerance, Allerrific has the items you seek.
Visit Allerrific.com now.
Kyle Dine is a musician with multiple severe food allergies who raises awareness and promotes education about food allergies through his music. He has traveled to hundreds of schools throughout the country and has released two CDs "You Must Be Nuts!" and "Food Allergies Rock."
Click here to check out Kyle's website and listen to his music.

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