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A group of scientists recently announced that they are a step closely to a way to 'switch off' peanut allergies. By tric... Read More
As parents of children with serious food allergies know, any delay in treatment of a severe reaction may cost their chil... Read More
Whether you have food allergies or are simply interested in knowing where the food you eat comes from, food labels incre... Read More
In July, 2008, the Hom family traveled to a Mexican resort to celebrate their son BJ's high school graduation and 18th b... Read More
Researchers in North Carolina are working on a way to make eating peanuts safe for those who are allergic to them. The r... Read More
In Westwood, New Jersey, two mothers of children with severe food allergies recently founded a support group for other p... Read More
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and homemade cookies may soon be a thing of the past, says the Connecticut Post, as m... Read More
A recent study suggests that where and how a baby is born may affect his or her chances of developing asthma or allergie... Read More
According to a recent study, seasonal allergies to pollen may also signal food sensitivities, particularly a likelihood... Read More
Those with food allergies are well aware of eating at restaurants and anywhere else where the ingredients of their food... Read More

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Peanut-Free/Nut-Free Directory

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