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Restaurant chains – from fast-food fare to fine dining – are super-sizing their nutritional disclosures by adding signag... Read More
General Mills has voluntarily issued a recall for a batch of Fiber One snack bars after peanut butter-flavored bars were... Read More
A teenage girl recently died in England after eating a meal of chicken tikka masala from an Indian takeout restaurant. A... Read More
This ingredient is found in soups, Cheetos, canned vegetables, processed meats, and many Chinese foods. Monosodium gluta... Read More
Are you or a family member allergic to peanuts? If so, pay attention to the recent ice cream recall by Kroger. The Kroge... Read More
When people think of food allergies, they usually picture peanuts, eggs, seafood, and other common allergens. Other, les... Read More
Alternatives to peanut butter – spreads made of soy, sunflower seeds, and other foods – have grown in popularity due to... Read More
In Indiana, a kindergarten student was recently kicked off the bus after the driver learned that she had a school allerg... Read More
As parents of children with serious food allergies know, any delay in treatment of a severe reaction may cost their chil... Read More
A group of scientists recently announced that they are a step closely to a way to 'switch off' peanut allergies. By tric... Read More

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