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The distributor of the epinephrine injector known as EpiPen recently issued a warning that taking the cap off the device... Read More
A research team recently set out on a mission to determine the level of awareness of gluten intolerance and celiac disea... Read More
Lauren Maunus, a high school freshman, recently traveled to Tallahassee to lobby for a food allergen bill currently bein... Read More
If you live in the U.S. and have food allergies, you're probably accustomed to checking the ingredient list of any packa... Read More
This time of year is the time for office parties. If your office is like many, staff members are invited to bring food f... Read More
In Britain, new data shows a substantial rise in the number of life-threatening allergic reactions. The number of people... Read More
Food allergies are affecting a growing number of children and adults. Those afflicted by food allergies must carefully r... Read More
In Scotland, a pair of mothers was inspired by their children to open a specialty bakery, catering to people whose diets... Read More
There's nothing better than giving gifts to loved ones during the holidays – unless your gift unintentionally triggers a... Read More
Parents of children with food allergies often share tips about safe foods, allergy friendly restaurants, and other exper... Read More

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