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Jennifer Knauf had barely heard of celiac disease until five years ago, when both of her sons were diagnosed with it. Si... Read More
Did you know that children in Australia have the highest rate of food allergies in the world? The country also leads in... Read More
'Eat this, don't eat that!' These days, it may seem like there's information coming from every direction about what's sa... Read More
According to researchers, early exposure to allergens such as dust mites could keep babies from developing allergies lat... Read More
The University of Minnesota Extension School recently launched an interactive online course about food allergies. The cl... Read More
The world's largest gluten-free cake debuted in Washington, DC as an effort to convince the FDA to create gluten-free fo... Read More
For those with food allergies, trick-or-treating can be downright dangerous. Fox News recently offered a list of tips fo... Read More
Do you know what's in the face paint often used for Halloween costumes, school carnivals, and other events? If you're wo... Read More
The packages on supermarket shelves could be getting a makeover in the wake of a new report ordered by Congress. Accordi... Read More
Parents of children with food allergies often discover that finding an alternative to cow's milk is one of the trickier... Read More

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