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There's nothing better than giving gifts to loved ones during the holidays – unless your gift unintentionally triggers a... Read More
Parents of children with food allergies often share tips about safe foods, allergy friendly restaurants, and other exper... Read More
A researcher recently claimed that doctors could be behind the increasing rate of food allergies. Professor Julian Crane... Read More
In Montreal, parents of children with food allergies are pushing for a law that would require all schools to implement s... Read More
Is your child allergic to eggs? If so, the doctor has probably advised you that flu shots may be dangerous. However – an... Read More
Monday evening, a giant golden tent was draped over the Waldorf-Astoria hotel's ballroom. Underneath, philanthropists at... Read More
A market research group based in the UK recently announced its predictions of the top food trends of 2012. Noting an agi... Read More
Have you heard about the recent case of Othon Cortes? His family is suing American Airlines and Sky Chefs, alleging that... Read More
A Muskogee, Oklahoma woman says that her family was asked to leave a Pizza Hut restaurant, and that the restaurant's act... Read More
A food allergy desensitization program is allowing a seventh-grade student to live without the daily fear of a potential... Read More

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