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With rising food allergy rates, it may come as no surprise that food allergy issues are increasingly finding their way i... Read More
Schools in Australia, as with schools around the globe, vary significantly in how they address food allergies. This grow... Read More
Walton Elementary School in New Jersey recently banned outside food during birthday celebrations and holidays at school.... Read More
According to allergy activists, more people should be trained to use an EpiPen, which delivers a lifesaving dose of epin... Read More
A kiss could be a sign of love – but it could also prompt a dangerous allergic reaction. This Valentine's Day, Go Local... Read More
Though tanning has been in the news in recent years mostly for its negative effects, from wrinkled skin to melanoma, new... Read More
thub-logo-on-gradient.png announces the launch of online therapy, an innovation in the delivery of private professional mental heal... Read More
Food allergies can have a significant impact on allergy suffers' health, but the effects are much more far-reaching than... Read More
Sports news site SB Nation speculates that food allergen testing might be the next big way for baseball players to boost... Read More
Change is usually good, but some recent restaurant menu changes could be dangerous for those with food allergies. Accord... Read More

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