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Many parents whose kids have life-threatening food allergies report that they've seen recent changes with state laws and... Read More
Chef Joel Schaefer is a renowned food allergy advocate and the former Culinary Development and Special Dietary Needs Man... Read More
Recent research suggests that children with autism spectrum disorder (or ASD) may benefit from a diet free from gluten a... Read More
Peanut allergies are often among the most severe food allergies, and have the potential to trigger life-threatening reac... Read More
The grocery store chain Whole Foods is experimenting with shopping carts powered by Kinect, the same technology that all... Read More
The Viaskin® Peanut allergy patch recently received FDA “Fast Track” designation following encouraging safety test resul... Read More
For many years, pediatricians have recommended delaying the feeding of potential allergens to toddlers. Mary Scott recei... Read More
Adding to the debate of 'nature vs. nurture,' scientists are increasingly determining that environmental influences can... Read More
According to EMaxHealth, experts predict the 2012 spring allergy season to be one of the worst in recent years. If you s... Read More
In 2005, a student at Maryland's Hillcrest Elementary School was given a peanut butter sandwich at lunchtime by a cafete... Read More

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