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Third-grader Corey Shive recently won an award from the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network for a YouTube video he wrot... Read More
If you have a food allergy, you understand how stressful eating in a restaurant can be. Uninformed servers, a mix-up wit... Read More
Recently, The Doctor Oz Show discussed how food allergies could be sabotaging many people's diets. Have you tried to los... Read More
In Britain, researchers have tracked thousands of kids since they were born in the 1990s. Now, the study has recently tu... Read More
When planning a wedding or other special event, there are plenty of considerations that go into setting the menu. At you... Read More
Miley Cyrus recently responded to rumors that her weight loss was caused by an eating disorder by explaining that she is... Read More
A 12-year-old boy tried to hurt his new step-mom by hiding peanuts in her toothpaste, knowing that she had a severe alle... Read More
If you have a food allergy or sensitivity, you're likely accustomed to flipping packaged food over to check the ingredie... Read More
While many of us deal with allergies to specific foods, such as peanuts or shellfish, others have a wide range of food a... Read More
Odwalla's popular 'Chocolate Protein Monster' drink has been recalled after four customers who have severe peanut allerg... Read More

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