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It has come to our attention that the product discussed in this article makes highly dubious claims. Please follow this... Read More
TellSpec demo
A few days ago, we published a news article about a crowdfunded food scanner called TellSpec, which was said to be capab... Read More
Swiss researchers at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have reported finding a fast and accurate method for deter... Read More
Allergic reactions to food make up about 5 percent of total allergy cases in small animal medicine. Current blood tests... Read More
A new study says that allergies may start before birth and be directly affected by the mother's food intake during pregn... Read More
European researchers have looked at the feeding practices of parents in Austria, Finland, Greece, Germany and Switzerlan... Read More
Until now, medical science has known the cause of allergies (a reaction to proteins) but not why only certain proteins c... Read More
A new study has found that children born in the inner-city with asthma during the winter time are far more likely to hav... Read More
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Researchers at the North Carolina A&T State University have created peanuts that have very reduced allergen levels.... Read More
New European Union rules require restaurants to account for 14 specific food allergens on their menus, starting later th... Read More

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