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Hundreds of people converged on Westchester, N.Y., this weekend to participate in a Food Allergy Research and Education... Read More
In Nebraska, the Lincoln Public Schools committee passed a food allergy policy that covers all of the schools under the... Read More
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signing Epinephrine Bill into law
Surrounded by a room full of allergy advocates, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed SB 1421 into law, making Arizona t... Read More
Bowen and Brahm (voice studio)
Emmy Award-winning actress Julie Bowen, who stars in the comedy series Modern Family on ABC, has joined a cast of voices... Read More
New survey research shows that food allergies are getting expensive. Researchers lead by Dr. Ruchi Gupta, a pediatrician... Read More
The U.S. Senate is considering an emergency bill introduced by Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk of Illinois. The bill, which is... Read More
Shifting away from earlier, common advice, doctors and allergists are now saying that introducing children to allergenic... Read More
A new smartphone application called BugaBees aims to teach children about food allergies. Based on the popular book seri... Read More
Discovery Channel logo
The Discovery Channel, along with Food Allergy Research & Awareness (FARE), has created an hour-long documentary on... Read More
For National Food Safety Month, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) is showcasing the industry's commitment to pra... Read More

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