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Prof John Warner
On Thursday, June 20, a live web chat on children's food allergies will be held with a panel of experts in childhood foo... Read More
Food allergies in pets are more common than many might realize. While most often found in dogs, cats and other pets can... Read More
Food protein induced entercolitis syndrome (FPIES) is an affliction that is often misdiagnosed by pediatricians and whic... Read More
Dr. Oz has penned an article about food allergies in his syndicated column on health. The article, Drs. Oz and Roizen: W... Read More
Children born outside of the U.S. have a lower prevalence of any allergic diseases in comparison to those who were born... Read More
A study conducted in Canada outlines the often deficient food allergy diagnosis process and several factors contributing... Read More
Allergy Alert SafetyTat brochure photo
A new product called Allergy Alert SafetyTat offers a way for parents of food allergic children to apply temporary warni... Read More
Justin Young, whose family owns Chocolate Chocolate in Washington, was born with severe food allergies – allergies... Read More
A new study suggests that the Lone Star Tick (Ambylomma americanuum) may be to blame for the sudden rash of meat allergi... Read More
A recent surge in media coverage of food allergies and their effects has meant that more people are becoming aware of th... Read More

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