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According to a recent question-and-answer from the Mayo Clinic, the likelihood of a child outgrowing his or her food all... Read More
Researchers at Johns Hopkins' Children's Center and Institute of Genetic Medicine believe that a genetic aberration in T... Read More
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On Friday, Aug. 9, Peanut Free Planet and Allerific will donate 5 percent of all sales to Kids with Food Allergies, a no... Read More
As the market for gluten-free foods increases with more and more people having a preference for it as a healthy alternat... Read More
allergy eats
On Nov. 5, AllergyEats will be hosting The 2nd Annual Food Allergy Conference for Restaurateurs: What Every Restaurant S... Read More
For many allergy sufferers, whether it be pollen or foods, getting a regular shot to help reduce reactions is an inconve... Read More
The skin barrier breakdown and inflammation that occurs with eczema may play a key role in triggering food sensitivity i... Read More
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A recent study indicates that smelling peanuts or peanut butter is very unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. The st... Read More
Biomedal and Emport have released a new product called AlerTox, a milk detection kit. The kit is designed, says the manu... Read More
Quiznos Interactive Allergy Menu
The Quiznos restaurant chain has added an Interactive Allergy Menu feature to its website which is available via mobile... Read More

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