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I love holistic and alternative medicine because it usually looks at the whole body and doesn’t treat just the...
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For years dermatologists have been recommending bleach baths to anyone suffering from eczema. It’s no wonder why...
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I have had a craving for Orange Cranberry Muffins ever since I saw this yummy looking recipe at Comfy Belly.  However...
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We have dabbled in treating Tristan’s eczema with acupuncture, but it didn’t go so well. He was three years...
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 Jennifer comment:  Healing Eczema with Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine   By Rebecca Ong-Sutherland (See bio below)...
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The folks at Enjoy Life (one of my favorite companies because of their largely allergen-free food) were kind enough to...
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Kevin Gilmore, from AchooAllergy,  wrote a guest piece a while back Hide ‘N Seek – Hidden Allergies In the Home that...
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My son Tristan is a raving fan of Angry Birds. He had never even played the game (we have since shamelessly given on...
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For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know that I am a HUGE Izzi B’s fan…for several...
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Why not?!!! But we can’t do it without your help! IF, and only IF,  you love The Eczema Company, then show us and...

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