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Most of you know I’m gluten-free due to celiac disease and my son has multiple food allergies including peanuts and...
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Do you have questions about Traditional Chinese Medicine? Can it really be effective for treating eczema? What about...
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I’m excited beyond words. I will be attending the first annual Food Allergy Blogger’s Conference, otherwise...
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A special thanks to my friends at and Mylan for allowing me to share these fabulous Halloween tips...
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First, a little disclaimer. Do I really believe homeopathy can cure my son, Tristan’s, life threatening food...
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A month or so ago, Debbie Adler from Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats (and the famous Los Angeles Bakery) contacted...
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Kids get sick, it’s just part of growing up. But when is a cold not just a cold? When does it mean there could be...
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I received an email a few weeks ago from the folks at Kinnikinnick a week or two ago showing off their seasonal Pumpkin...
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Our  second LIVE with The Lunchbox Doctor information session on Facebook is Wednesday Oct 23rd at 10am EST. This live...
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King Arthur gluten-free products are a staple for me and my family.  They spend their time making quality products that...

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