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Medical ID Jewelry Saves Lives

Image courtesy of Oneida Nameplate
In business for over 50 years!

A medical ID bracelet, necklace or even a medical flash drive is the best option for people who require special care. They are easy to find and emergency personnel are trained to look for them. More to the point, they speak for you when you can't speak for yourself.

Medical personnel need to know of any medical conditions that require special consideration. For example, someone in anaphylactic shock from a peanut allergy can be quickly diagnosed if they are wearing a medical ID. On the treatment side, standard procedures – from blood pressure measurement to the administration of medication – may be inappropriate or even life threatening for some people; if doctors or nurses or EMT's aren't properly informed, things can go wrong very quickly.

Oneida Nameplate has sold medical ID products through pharmacies for more than fifty years and can furnish you with many pharmacy names for references. Their products are known for their sturdiness and high quality. Oneida uses equipment made specially for deep engraving which lasts much longer than laser-etching.

If you or your child have a peanut allergy you will be able to explain medical needs to a doctor in most cases. But your education, memory and speaking ability don't mean a thing if you are unconscious and being carried into an ambulance.

And what about young children who can't be expected to wax rhapsodic about their allergies, medications and recent surgeries? In short, by wearing a medical ID product you and your loved ones will be prepared for any medical emergency.

Medical IDs are especially relevant for people with a peanut allergy because the primary symptom of a severe reaction – anaphylactic shock – often renders patients unable to communicate.

Taking care to convey medical information to medical personnel can be a matter of life and death. Due to online shopping and the proliferation of medical ID designs, it's easier than ever not only purchase a medical ID, but to purchase an attractive piece of medical ID jewelry. Don't wait another minute.


Oneida Medical Jewelry
Oneida products bear the official universal emergency medical alert symbol designed by the American Medical Association in 1963. All are custom engraved with medical and contact information and all bracelets are engraved on both sides. Products include gold-filled, sterling silver bracelets and high polish stainless steel bracelets. Please visit their site for more information.

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