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What does it truly mean to be "Peanut Free"?

peanut free

SunButter: Truly Peanut Free

There are more "peanut-free" products than ever on the supermarket shelves. This means more choices than ever for peanut-allergic shoppers–and more questions.

SunButter products answers the most important question of all–"Are your products REALLY peanut free?"–with a resounding, "Yes!"

What it means to be peanut free

All peanut-free labels are not created equal. SunButter products are truly peanut free because of the commitment that underlies everything that we do.

While many producers simply clean their equipment between production runs, SunButter has established a peanut-free process from ground to grocer.

Peanuts cannot be grown where SunButter is processed.

This is not just a matter of policy, it's a matter of nature. The growing season is too small where we grow and process our sunflower seeds.


SunButter knows its farmers and manages the entire supply chain.

SunButter products are essentially plants and we take pride in our relationships with American farmers. We visit the farms that grow our products to ensure the successful cultivation of the unique hybrid plant that goes into SunButter.

Peanuts never touch any our machines; even the corporate offices are nut free zones.

Our machines do not come into contact with peanuts. But we don't stop there: step out of the factory into the offices and you won't find any peanuts either. All of our employees are required to leave peanuts and peanut-containing products at home. At SunButter, no one is going to accidentally contaminate production equipment.

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