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Peanut Free Club - $150 in Discounts Every Month


"Great to have a single resource for product deals as well as helpful info on all food allergies." — Christine, Madison, WI

"As a mom of a child just diagnosed with a peanut allergy, it's been overwhelming. Finding a resource I can count on is reassuring." — Jennifer, Chicago, IL

"It's hard to find nut-free products where we live so we shop online. Getting discounts on the products we love is great." — Marian, Baker, CA

Get Over $150 in Coupons, Deals and Free Offers every month. New Coupons and Deals added every month.

Monthly Membership: $2.95/month


Coupons and Deals include:

  • - $20 Free Chocolate - Chocoley
  • - $10 Coupon - Barney Butter
  • - $10 Coupon - Simple Food Peanut Free Spread
  • - $10 Coupon - Oneida Medical Jewelry
  • - $10 Coupon - Star Allergy Alerts
  • - 25% Off Coupon - Vermints Organic Mints
  • - 15% Off Coupon - Cakes For Occasions
  • - 10% Off Coupon - Gilberts Gourmet Goodies
  • - Free Autoinjector eBook ($10 Value)

And much, much more....


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Monthly Membership: $2.95/month

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