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By mnem on Wed, 03-07-01, 17:03

Hi I am new to this. My 2 1/2 year old daughter is PA. Has anyone checked out yogurts for peanuts? I know they list natural and artificial flavors... Yogurt was one favorite food for us!

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By B's Mom on Wed, 03-07-01, 17:20

My son eats Trix yogurt all the time with no problem. He likes the kiwi/strawberry and cotton candy flavored ones.

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By Heather on Wed, 03-07-01, 17:36

I called Stonyfield Farms and they told me they don't have peanuts or tree nuts in their facility at all. I like that their yogurt is all natural. I used to buy Yo Baby all the time but since my son turned two and is to get 2% milk now, I've been buying Yo Squeeze - which he LOVES!

Oh, I should add...if you do buy Yo Squeeze, you'll probably notice that some of the boxes say 2% on them, but the actual yogurt package says 1% - I called them about that too and they told me it's because they're in the middle of converting all Yo Squeeze to 2%.

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By Going Nuts on Wed, 03-07-01, 21:58

We are heavily into Stonyfield Farms yogurts, also Horizon.

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By on Thu, 03-08-01, 03:22

We eat Dannon and Stoneyfield all the time. No problem.

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By L&Mojoe on Thu, 03-08-01, 04:02

My 2 1/2 year old son eats Stoneyfield yogurt (the little packs with banana/vanilla flavor and strawberry flavor) and we also make fruit smoothies with Columbo low fat vanilla yogurt.

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By Linda-Jo on Sat, 03-10-01, 21:22

We eat Columbo, Stoneyfield, and Yoplait yogurts. My daughter especially likes the Key Lime and Orange cream flavors by Yoplait. She also likes the GoGurt squeeze yogurt, too.

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By mnem on Sun, 03-11-01, 18:53

Thanks for the yogurt responses everyone!
We will contnue with yoplait and stonyfield.

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By Player11753 on Mon, 07-07-14, 14:00

I received the following info from Stonyfield Farms on July 6, 2014:

Our cup yogurts and milk do not contain any peanuts or tree nuts and are
produced in a nut free facility.

The Heavy Whipping Cream and YoKid Smoothies do not contain any peanuts or
tree nuts, but is made on the same equipment as other products containing
tree nuts.

The YoKid Squeezers do not contain any peanuts or tree nuts, and are made
on a nut free line. But they are stored in a facility that has products
that contain tree nuts.

Our frozen yogurts do not contain any peanuts or tree nuts. However, they
are produced in the same facility and on the same equipment as other
products containing peanuts and tree nuts.

The manufacturing facility that makes these products for us follows safe
manufacturing practices to ensure there is no cross contamination with
these allergens, but as with any severe allergy, we’d recommend that you
consult with your physician if you’re concerned about trying our organic
frozen treats, YoKid Squeezers or Heavy Whipping Cream.

Thanks again for your question and if you ever have another don’t be afraid
to give us a shout.


The folks at Stonyfield

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