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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Sun, 01-28-01, 04:51

title of the new cookbook>

The milk-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free
Food Allergy Cookbook

Linda Marienhoff Coss

We have been in contact with the author and have reviewed a copy of this new cook book.

We are therefore happy to announce that there is a NEW cook book now available for our community!

We will be creating and maintaining links to the [url="http://www.FoodAllergyCookbook.com"]www.FoodAllergyCookbook.com[/url] site where you can purchase this cook book.

There they will be tracking sales that come from PeanutAllergy.Com,(if you let them know), so be sure to tell them you are from PeanutAllergy.Com! They will be adding a place on their order form to let them know you came from PeanutAllergy.Com so be sure to fill it out! If you order before they have a chance to put a place on their site be sure to let them know you're from here!

Be sure to let us know what you think after you've had a chance to try out some of the recipes!

Just a tip: Any time you are using any recipe or cookbook, check out all ingredients you will be using yourself. Do not rely on others to think for you. That being said, this is one of the better cook books we have reviewed at addressing peanut allergy. As always with any cook book and dealing with food allergies, read and review how the author wrote the book so you will understand what is and is not addressed. I found a lot of useful information in the front and back of this cook book in the 'Legal Disclaimer", "introduction",
"Ingredients", "Menu Idea's",
"Glossary", and "Index". It may be a good idea to read these parts of the book to educate yourself at how to use the book (and other cook books such as those you may already have).

Here is the web address of the site to order the "WHAT'S TO EAT?" cook book. [url="http://www.FoodAllergyCookbook.com"]www.FoodAllergyCookbook.com[/url]
(remember to tell them you came from PeanutAllergy.Com)

Stay Safe,

[email][email protected][/email]

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By morgansmom on Sun, 01-28-01, 13:43

Awesome! Thankyou! I've been waiting for a cookbook that was specially designed for our allergies. I'll be ordering right away!

Chris: There is a line available to let them know we heard about them on peanutallergy.com.

Thanks again, the recipes look amazing!

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