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WTMJ (Milwaukee): Allergy Cards

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Story Created: Sep 7, 2007
Story Updated: Sep 10, 2007

[b]Allergy Cards[/b]
Courtny Gerrish

Every 1 in 25 Americans have food allergies of some kind. With all the eating out we do as a nation, that's a cause of serious concern for a lot of diners. There are some new companies that have popped up to help.

Ten-year-old Sami Belkadi has severe food allergies. His mother Ariane says eating out is a trial for the family. "There are probably five restaurants that we feel comfortable going to. The restaurant really becomes a potentially dangerous place for the kids with the allergies," she warns.

But now, a slew of new companies are offering a way to help. They'll customize a card listing all your allergies

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