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write to your Senators and Congressmen/ask to cosponsor Food Allergen Consumer Protec

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Tue, 07-17-01, 13:14


(Please put on your letterhead, address to your representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dear :

As the parent of a food allergic child/a food allergic consumer, I am writing today to ask you to cosponsor Senator Edward Kennedy and U.S. Representative Nita Lowey's Food Allergen Consumer Protection Act.

Seven million Americans suffer from food allergies. Recent studies estimate that 150 Americans die each year due to the ingestion of allergenic foods. The good news is that with the government's help, many of these deaths could be prevented.

As a food-allergic consumer, I am forced to read labels for all foods each time I shop -- a tedious and timely process. Unfortunately, life is made even more difficult because ingredient statements are written for scientists, not consumers. Currently, allergens are listed on food labels using many different terms that are often difficult to understand. Furthermore, the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act exempts spices, flavorings, and certain colorings and additives from ingredient labeling requirements. This is dangerous and wrong. Many natural flavorings contain allergens and can pose a serious health threat to those susceptible to food allergies. That is why it is my hope you will cosponsor the Food Allergen Consumer Protection Act. The bill would:

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By Sue on Fri, 07-20-01, 20:04


I sent 10 letters yesterday (Snail mail) asking for support. I used your letter, but customized it for our daughter's allergy.

I hope I get a response. I have found that I don't get a response all the time when I e-mail them. I have always received a response from a snail mail letter.

Will let you know what I hear.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

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By TDJEVA on Mon, 07-23-01, 16:36

I sent the email to my state representative in Tennessee.

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By BeckyA on Mon, 10-29-01, 01:58

Chris, just wondering what the status is of this bill and our campaign to support it. I know the peanut-allergic have taken a back seat since Sept. 11th. When do you see any action resuming on this... and when do you think it would be appropriate to write?

And, come to think of it - are they even receiving mail any more? So much has changed. I was really feeling hopeful about this one. And now, I feel maybe it's just going to disappear.

Appreciate your thoughts.

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