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Does anyone have a recipe for no-bake cookies that I could use for a child who is to avoid peanut (not an anaphylactic response but supposed to avoid...
We were recently at a party where they served tortilla chips w/salsa. I looked at the ingredients for the chips and saw peanut oil. So my message...
check out the August 1998 issue of the Natural Health magazine it contains an article on the food allergy cure I have referred to on the main...
We tried the recipe today and Josh's evaluation of it is "they're GRREAT!" I did add a little more cocoa and we had to spray/grease the wax paper a...
I have read a lot of great suggestions for managing peanuts allergies in school. One place where I haven't found any info is about computer...
Hi All, I have been very careful with checking things that go into my PA daughter's mouth. My husband says I watch her like a hawk! (I do!) Anyway,...
My son Cooper is almost 2 years old. I first gave him PB when he turned 1 year when our doctor said it was okay. He broke out in hives and had some...
Hello ~ I thought I would attach an interesting section of the La Leche League's website entitled, "Allergies and the Breastfeeding Families". As I...
We are going to a water park this Friday with some friends and I know the EpiPen is suppossed to stay at a certain temp. How can you do this? It...

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