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I have purchased a Medic Alert bracelet several times for my 6 year old daughter, but I find they don't last very long. A ring will come loose, and...
My son Nate has just finished 2nd grade in a small elementry school in Arkansas(public) it has been one battle after another since he started kinder...
I am a freelance journalist in Ottawa, Canada, and I am writing a piece on banning peanuts in schools for a Canadian parenting magazine. I am looking...
Here is a link to a recent story about a vaccine for peanut allergies. Nice to know at least there are some people out there working on this problem...
I'm going to the beach soon with my dd and I went to buy some sunscreen. I was looking for a high SPF since she is only 14 months old. I was reading...
Salina, Be wary of Lufthansa. I have been trying to get them to agree not to serve peanut snacks for over a year now, and they keep giving me the run...
Do you find there is a problem with peanut oil in these products very often? I was at a friends who's daughter reacted to a hand lotion that we...
Please forgive my ignorance; I am new to this peanut allergy nightmare. I haven't seen spelled out just what a/the 504 plan is and what IEP actually...
DO YOU LOVE PEANUTALLERGY.COM LIKE I DO? Does it help you communicate with others affected by the peanut allergy? Does it benefit the person you...
Many have contacted us recently because they are working, or want to work, to make the airlines safer to travel on for peanut allergic people. If you...

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Where do you get your peanut allergy information?
The internet
My allergist
Friends or family
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