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On Wednesday September 15 between 10:45am -11am Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger of Food TV's "Too Hot Tamales" cooking show will be discussing...
Does anyone know of a support group in Utah?
In today's Washington Post, there is an article about a local elementary school who is trying to "reduce the risk" for a first-grader in their school...
Hi everyone! I'm new to the boards and have a question. (I have 3 1/2 year old fraternal twins - boy/girl. BOTH are peanut allergic, diagnosed in...
This is a Canadian company whose plain honey I've eaten with no problem. My concern is with their inconsistent training of telephone staff in...
My three year old son is allergic to peanuts. tonight he was eating dinner , a swansons kids frozen dinner(fish sticks). he got upset and acted like...
Hi, Some info I would like to share with you all about the plain M&Ms. My PA daughter used to eat the M&Ms before they put the warning on the...
State legislation in washington allowed first providers to give auto-inject epi for food anaphylaxis but ONLY to patients under the age of 18. I feel...
As Sept. has come and the children go back to school, I now have time to find out if there is a support group in the Somerset county area. Any one...
I've been looking at these boards for a while now without posting very much, but now that I've read most of the messages, there's something I have to...

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