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Hi everyone, FYI I e-mailed this company today and got a response that a nut type of candy and nut cookies are made in the same plant as these...
Dear Sir/Madam, Could you please tell me if there is some sort of peanut allergy (or allergy in general) society or association in Europe,...
I would like to put a book together of children's pictures, ideas etc. about staying safe which can be used to educate the peanut allergic and...
HI I know many on this board are dealing with PA and other like egg-free. ALLRECIPES.com has a special diets section where you can find many egg-...
Hi All, I was at the grocery store today and noticed Smuckers has a new "Peanut Butter and Jelly Snack box" similar to "Lunchables." I guess when I...
I just found you all and I am so happy that I have!!! My husband, daughter Madeline (who is 16 months old) and I were on a flight home yesterday on...
Colorado ------------------ Stay Safe [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]
Hi, I know that most of us post here with questions and to vent about difficulties we and out PA loved ones face. I have and will continue to do this...
Hi, I was recently in a PetCo store here in Southern California, and I noticed that a lot of their pre-packaged NutroMax dog biscuits contain peanut...
About 5 years ago I had a heart attack in the ER as a result of the standard Epinephrine treatment for my peanut reaction. I have had two more...

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