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wipes for school

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By janbiv2 on Wed, 10-17-07, 12:56

I was just wondering what types of wipes everyone uses to wash their child's hands. Do you use baby wipes? Are they good enough to remove traces of peanut oil?

The reason I ask is my son has a new allergy dx. It is called cold induced urticaria and he breaks out in hives most often from cold water. (Technically, the hives break out as the skin warms up).

At home, I just make sure the tap water is the right warm temperature and we don't have a problem. But the water at school does not get warm enough and I have been called up to the school twice already after my son has broken out in hives on his hands after washing his hands.

Besides the fact that I am wondering why he has only washed his hands twice at school (things that make you go hmmmm), he obviously needs to wash his hands but avoid cold water.

So just wondering specifically what types of wipes are best to get the job done? Techically, I'm not even sure if this will work as wipes usually tend to be on the cold side, but I want to give it a shot.



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By Mom2K on Wed, 11-07-07, 18:55

I don't have an answer but would love to know if baby wipes are a sufficient way to clean hands.

Anyone out there know????


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By maphiemom on Thu, 11-08-07, 03:03

My understanding is that they are ok, however soap and water and agitation is better. In a pinch I would use wipes , its better than nothing.

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By pfmom2 on Thu, 11-08-07, 10:01

I agree with maphie mom, wipes are definitely better than nothing. Last year, my child's class' sink didn't work so they used wipes.

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By debbur on Fri, 11-09-07, 17:44

Wipes aren't as good as soap and water. Gels don't work.

The school should must have a sink somewhere with warm water. You might try asking for "reasonable accommodations" and the school will be more helpful if it's worded like that, especially in writing.

The kids with diabetes usually wash fingers in warm water before they poke them to check blood sugar.

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By lakeswimr on Fri, 11-09-07, 23:55

FAAN pupblished a research article on this that found that disinfectant wipes worked the best followed closely by handwashing with soap and water (but I have to think *good* handwashing would be superior to wipes). They found Purell-type gels are *not* effective. Baby wipes are not nearly as effective as either disinfectant wipes or handwashing with soap and water. Poor handwashing as not very effective, either.

I believe they studied the red-topped Wet Ones. We use Wet Ones. DS's school uses some other type of disinfectant hand wipes. Both have worked well for us. DS used to get hives sometimes from contact and now we use wipes on carts, restaurant tables, etc and on DS's hands when out and we haven't had any more probelms.

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By KSLaru on Fri, 06-06-08, 17:48

I found a John's Hopkins study about wipes, sanitizers and hand washing. Is this the study FAAN referenced? I didn't see any mention of baby wipes in the study.

Our school is wanting do use baby wipes. I don't want to say no if I don't have anything to support that baby wipes are inferior to sanitizing wipes.

Of course they called today, and it is the last day of school until summer school. I don't know if someone will be in the office for a couple weeks after today. I'm hoping someone has some quick answers?! :)

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By KSLaru on Mon, 06-09-08, 15:00

Bumping to ask for help! :) Is there something about the antibacterial wipes vs baby wipes that is better? Anyone with definite info on this?

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