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Wilton Icing Colors & Sprinkles

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By julieneaman on Fri, 06-03-05, 20:15

Here's the messages I got from Wiltons. I didn't see anything posted from them recently so I wrote again. Sorry for the long post, but this felt like pulling teeth.

Dear Julie,

Please be aware the following information regarding Food Allergens, Food Sensitizers, or Food Specifications is to the best of our knowledge believed to be accurate.

The White Nonpareils, Rainbow Nonpareils, Rainbow Jimmies, Chocolate Jimmies, Bright Sugars, Primary Sugars, and Flowerful Medley do not contain peanuts or tree nuts in their ingredients. Please be advised that peanuts and tree nuts are present in the manufacturing environment.

Unfortunately, I am unable to guarantee that the manufacturing lines are properly cleaned between product runs. We track 17 allergens/sensitizers in products and in the plants, but not on every line

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Customer Service

-----Original Message-----
From: Julie Neaman [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2005 12:16 PM
To: Wilton Industries Info
Subject: RE: Wilton products and peanut and tree nut allergies


Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Could you please be more specific regarding Meringue Powder, Icing Colors, Clear Vanilla, and Clear Butter Flavorings? Are they processed on the same lines as peanuts and tree nuts? Or, is it on another line, in another room or floor? I

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By McCobbre on Sat, 06-04-05, 04:15

I called Wilton mid-May, and they told me specifically that they couldn't guarantee their products--even their frosting gels. DS has never had a problem, but having read about Wilton's on this board, I wanted to call for myself.

What I was told confirmed what I'd read on the board: that Wiltons may not be safe.

The customer service person I spoke with said that peanuts are produced in the same facility as the gels, but she couldn't be specific about actual lines. Ugh. Your post is very helpful. Thank you.

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By mommyofmatt on Sat, 06-04-05, 11:27

I know someone whose son ate Wilton for a while without a problem. Then, he started having reactions, one was anaphylactic. That was when they diagnosed his PA/TNA, and traced it back to Wilton. We don't go near them...


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By tidina on Sat, 06-04-05, 13:10

We use cakemate and betty crocker cake decorations, sprinkles, etc.

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By schnoob on Tue, 01-10-06, 03:17

Anyone out there used or called on the Wiltons products lately - specifically the food colorings, sprinkles and Meringue powder ? I thought I was being all clever and started a cake decorating class with them tonight - stupid me should have checked this site first as it seems like they aren't safe. I had to take a cupcake to a birthday party for my PA daughter on the weekend and it was a complete embarrasment. Seems like we parents of kids with food allergies somehow need to get good at this stuff...it doesn't come naturally to me at all...arrghh !

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By julieneaman on Tue, 01-10-06, 14:31


Ha! I was told I was the comic relief of my Wilton class last summer. LOL. I can relate. Yes, it seems that Wilton is less than ideal with their allergy info, practices, and products. That being said, I did take the class and use some of their products. I just couldn't find a substitute that was any better for things like merringue powder and the icing doesn't turn out the right consistency without it. So I've used the merringue powder, the clear vanilla, and the gel colors. If I want to use sprinkles, I try to get CakeMate. Overall, the class was good. I'm not the most talented cake decorator, but I did learn a lot and I am better than I was before. Save your money on the strips that you put around the cake pan to make it bake evenly. They give the cake a horrible taste and they don't work. Instead, get a cake leveler that you use to shave the cake to make it level. Let me know how it goes.


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By Jimmy's mom on Tue, 01-10-06, 19:14

I have been decorating cakes for decades, long before PA DS came along. I can't imagine decorating a cake without Wilton gel colors. Food coloring just doesn't do the job properly. I never gave the gel coloring much thought, but have been using it for years without incident.

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By momtoemie on Thu, 03-14-13, 03:38

Try Americolor - peanut free product. They carry at our Hobby Lobby but you can purchase online also!

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By schnoob on Tue, 01-10-06, 19:38

Thanks for the feedback. I just gave Wilton a call and got the response we all *hate* to get. "While there are no nut products in the ingredients, there are nuts in the facility so there is a chance of cross contamination. You have to decide for yourself if you want to use our product". Well if I cant physically walk around the facility and actually see for myself where all these nuts supposedly are, then how on earth can I decide that for myself. Sigh, curse, sigh.
Ok, so bottom line is that Im going to do the rest of this cake decorating course, only because Im so horrible at it and hopefully I'll at least become better than I am now...but I resent buying their stupid nut infested products ! OK, mini vent over now. Im happy to hear that there are some of you using the Meringue powder and the color gels without any problems.

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By tidina on Tue, 01-10-06, 20:10

though sometimes we hear parents saying their kids are fine eating this or that but then their numbers go up because of consuming trace amounts. they can seem fine but the numbers dont lie.

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By julieneaman on Tue, 01-10-06, 20:45


Yes, yes, yes. I feel the same way. I wrote a letter to them last summer explaining that in my small cake decorating class of 10 people 7 had a food allergy concern that prompted them to take the class. They are seriously misreading their audience by being so insensitive and lax in their labeling and manufacturing. I resented it, too. But I still used the merringue powder & gel.


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By becca on Tue, 01-10-06, 22:25

Numbers just go up sometimes too. Not always anyone to blame, except a faulty immune system. Some kids eat all this stuff and outgrow too. Sorry, but I get a bit offended when others imply we are at fault for our kids allergies. Breastfeeding, foods that are labelled just fine, but on every thrid call, someone gets a different answer that nuts might be there, nuts might not, etc.... We do the best we can!

My dd ate alot of may contains her first year of diagnosis(before I knew to call manufacturers) and her number for PA went *down* to 1.13. But, allergic is allergic.

Vent over. becca

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By schnoob on Wed, 01-11-06, 00:33

Love to come here to vent.....one of the few places we can do it. Just had a play group with usual group of friends who are super wonderful about dd's PA..started to vent about Wiltons and then thought whats the point, they dont really get it. If I truly want to vent I know where to come

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By tidina on Wed, 01-11-06, 14:55

does anyone have a chart of the numbers? i dont know what the levels mean. my son went from 32 to 12. the allergist is the one who told me about eating traces and levels going up. i read that somewhere too. no intention of offending anyone. yes even on this site we have different ways but i rely on you guys. my neighbors and playdate moms dont get it and you guys do and i really appreciate and need that. when i heard that my sons levels were still elevated i wondered why i was so careful with soaps, etc. i thought it was just a waste of time but then i felt much better when allergist said im doing something right. we are all just trying to keep our kids safe and at the same time learning from eachother.

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By on Wed, 01-11-06, 23:11

Quote:Originally posted by schnoob:
[b]Well if I cant physically walk around the facility and actually see for myself where all these nuts supposedly are, then how on earth can I decide that for myself.[/b]

Not sure if it was your intention - but you've got me laughing out loud here. (With the background sound of - what's so funny mommy) You know, if we could each pick one of these companies and do the *grand nutless tour*, we could make better decisions. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

Now, regarding Wilton - I use their colours but that's it. Never took a class - I'm self-taught. Never buy those fancy pans either, and I won't rent them because the rentals are *may contain* in my opinion. So, I just design things myself. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

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By schnoob on Thu, 01-12-06, 01:27

Its always my intention to get a laugh....got to have a sense of humor re this whole peanut fiasco (by fiasco, I mean the allergy of course) or else I would go insane. The Wilton instructor (if you would call her that - the cake she "demonstrated" didn't look a whole lot better than the ones you see at the grocery store - I suspect she's only in this for the discounts....the reason I suspect is that she actualy said it over and over...) insists that I have to make the icing with the Meringue powder or else it just wont work and the flowers etc wont hold up...does anyone have a butter cream icing recipe that I can make and prove that the Meringue powder isn't the ants pants of the cake world ?

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By on Thu, 01-12-06, 16:25

Can't help you with the flowers. I have all boys - ninja turltes and spiderman just don't *go* with flowers. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]

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By Jimmy's mom on Fri, 01-13-06, 00:24

I have been decorating cakes for years, even did two wedding cakes, and have NEVER used meringue. I use a mixture composed of confectioners sugar, crisco, and milk. For each two lbs of confectioners sugar (1 bag) I use about 1/3 lb of crisco (unfortunately, I don't measure, and was taught by someone who doesn't measure, so it's hard to give amounts over the internet). I mix them together until I can actually feel the crisco in the sugar when I rub it between my fingers, but its not so much that it feels greasy. Then I add the milk. about maybe 1/8 cup, maybe a little more, and mix with a hand mixer until it's the right consistency.
About flowers. I hate frosting flowers. I hate the taste of frosting, always have. And I don't think the frosting flowers are all that attractive. So I usually use silk flowers. If I'm lucky enough to find something suitable, I use real flowers. But real flowers are tricky. You want to use something that, first of all, is edible, and second, has no pesticides. Anything you get from a florist has pesticides, so that is out. I use roses or pansies from my own yard in the summer. I used to use flowers from the produce dept. of a grocery store (sold near the herbs), but then we moved and I haven't seen them around here.
I hope this helps.

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By schnoob on Mon, 01-16-06, 19:54

Thanks for the info, I'll give your recipe a try. I agree about the taste of frosting, I think its awful stuff, I cant stand it ! I have lesson # 2 of the Wilton course tonight, so spent a long time last night making all their icing to take to the class....what a pain in the butt all this is...like I said before, it just doesn't come naturally to me. My entire kitchen feels like its covered in a layer of Crisco i.e. LARD...yuck, I feel nauteous just thinking about it ! Even my husband who has such a sweet tooth said it was pretty tasteless.

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By ajgauthier on Mon, 01-16-06, 21:16

Quote:Originally posted by becca:
[b]Numbers just go up sometimes too. Not always anyone to blame, except a faulty immune system. Some kids eat all this stuff and outgrow too. Sorry, but I get a bit offended when others imply we are at fault for our kids allergies. Breastfeeding, foods that are labelled just fine, but on every thrid call, someone gets a different answer that nuts might be there, nuts might not, etc.... We do the best we can!

My dd ate alot of may contains her first year of diagnosis(before I knew to call manufacturers) and her number for PA went *down* to 1.13. But, allergic is allergic.

Vent over. becca[/b]

I asked my allergist about changing numbers over the years, only b/c I've read posts on here. He said that in children, numbers will change b/c the body is changing and growing and biochemical things are happening as you get older/bigger and hormones are changing etc. that CAN affect allergies. So, he implied to me that changing numbers are par for the course.

For adults, he said that changing numbers were more significant and more indicative of either outgrowing an allergy or being (unknowingly exposed) to the allergen. That's why I got my RAST test done, just to get numbers to compare to in a few years.


30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By Jimmy's mom on Tue, 01-17-06, 23:24

AnnaMarie, I understand why you don't want to rent the pans. But I would suggest buying just a few. I would buy the basic shapes, whether from Wilton or another manufacturer--square, rectangle, round, and maybe heart. And there is one specialty pan that is very versatile. I bought a castle pan when it was on sale. I have used it as a knight's castle, a haunted Halloween castle, a princess castle, and it can be used as a sand castle and as Hogwarts. It is so much more useful that that character they love this year, but will hate next year.

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By willsdr on Tue, 01-22-13, 18:59

Wilton Icings and tree nuts. I check all labels for tree nuts and for the first time, there was an allergen line on the Wilton Color Icing bottle. I've had my colors for years and needed a new orange. It doesn't appear that there has been a new post for quite a long time so I am posting Wilton reply:

Thank you for your inquiry.

The icing colors were not changed, Wilton has change the labeling to include more information. There are peanuts and tree nuts in the manufacturing environment for the icing colors.

Our candy melts do not have peanuts or tree nuts in the product. There are no tree nuts in the manufacturing environment. Peanuts are present in the manufacturing environment.

We do not have an on line allergens page at this current time.

Even though our vendors follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices (clean the lines the food was produced and packaged on, store allergens in separate containers and/or rooms) we still feel our consumers should be informed. We determined the allergen statement for each product based on intense studying of the factories that make our product:

•Determined what allergens were in the factory

•Determined if the allergens were put on the
same line as non-allergen containing foods

•Looked at where the allergen containing foods
were stored

•The biggest factor that determined our
allergen statement was the presence or non-
existence of a separate HVAC system in rooms
that carried only allergen containing items.

Even if an allergenic food was stored in a separate room than non-allergenic foods, if there wasn’t a separate HVAC system we put the allergen on the label.

Again, we want to reiterate that we do have proper cleaning practices and storage in place in all of our factories. We feel the consumer is more knowledgeable than us in how severe the allergy they or their children have and we want them to be fully aware of any potential (even if it is slim to none) allergen.

Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance.


Customer Service Representative
Wilton Brands/EK Success Brands


Customer service Office hours M-F 8 am-4:30 PM

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