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Why NOT obtaining Section 504 for your child is a DISSERVICE to your child...

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By DonnaReed on Mon, 10-04-10, 03:21

At a minimum, a 504 plan should be in place for ANY child with life-threatening food allergies (anaphylaxis).




The IHCP or IHP (Individual Health Care Plan or Individual Health Plan) should be an ATTACHMENT to the 504.

The 504 is there to provide the necessary accommodations so that your child is FULLY INCLUDED and not discriminated against by virtue of his/her hidden medical disability.

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By Gail W on Sun, 06-12-11, 17:33

Raising for my friend Cristal

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By Teebst on Sat, 07-30-11, 17:40

Our school district has a reputation for avoiding and denying 504 plans. Other parents have spent thousands of dollars on attorneys to no avail.

If my child has not yet experienced anaphylaxis since she has never eaten anything with a peanut as a direct ingredient. All of her reactions thus far have been hives, eczema and diarrhea and only as a result of cross contaminated food.

Is it likely my school will go for a 504 plan since my daughter hasn't ever experienced a life threatening reaction? I can see them saying something like, "well, she's never experienced a life threatening reaction before so we don't see a need for a 504 plan."

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By Busymomof3 on Mon, 09-12-11, 19:41

Great posts! Am in the process of getting 504. Was told that a 504 wouldn't cover life threatening allergies. That was 2 years ago. My allergist was very angry over this. Said it's illegal. I'm glad I am pursuing it.

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By lilyan campbell on Tue, 06-26-12, 01:36

Can anyone please help me how I can get the 504 for my preschool child? I really need this asap since all the schools I researched are not safe and my child wants to be around children so badly. What site do I go, how much paperwork and time is involved, will they pay for a 1-1 in preschool?

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By JenniC on Tue, 08-28-12, 18:15

We have a sec 504 what should the school be doing to provide a safe environment? I really want a peanut free school. Is there a legal way to make this happen

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By cdnsmith on Fri, 08-29-14, 04:50

i have been reading and reading as much as i can about the 504 plan and im still a bit confused about it all. Im having a hard time getting it all straight. How do i start the process and i need step by step instructions in plain english. Im also trying to figure out what all the abreviations mean like IDEA ,ICP, IEP, IHCP stand for and what they mean and is this something i need to pursue also? sorry i feel so stupid right now. My daughter is starting kindergarden next week is it too late for a 504 plan? I talked with the principal and im feeling very uneasy with their lack of doing their best to keep her safe. Like kerping her epi pen in the office looked up and allowing pn products in the classroom :(

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By smithdcrk on Fri, 08-29-14, 13:44

You are a commited parent climbing a steep learning curve. As a parent who has been dealt the whole deck of acronyms, I can understand that it is overwhelming. I was right there with you in 2001 when I started my journey.

If the allergy is your primary concern and not any other learning differences, start with the 504 Plan. The 504 comes under Federal Law and guarantees access to a free and public education (FAPE). Traditionally, this has been thought of when a school or public (taypayer funded) building adds a ramp to their entrance. A child restricted to a wheel chair cannot climb steps and would be denied ACCESS to the school and education because of their disability.

Over the years, 504 has expanded to include not just access to the building but access to the education. For a children with peanut allergies, the presence of open peanuts would deny them access to the classroom and the education offered. A peanut allergy interferes with a life process -eating. Therefore, the school must make accomodations not just for the education but the food service.

How to get a 504 plan?

1) Sit down with your doctor and complete the form found at http://www.foodallergy.org/document.doc?id=234
This will establish a medical need and the impact on a life activity (eating, breathing, ...)

2) Here are the steps with links to supporting documents

3) 507 Posts on just this thread, no wonder you are overwhelmed! The first post on this thread give excellent advice on what should be in a 504.

GrownupLaurenMom also give excellent advice in your 504 discussion at

[I posted the same answer in two places, not sure where you would look first. But I will now follow up in the newer & shorter discussion you started this month]

By DonnaReed on Tue, 10-14-14, 19:10

Just bumping.

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