Why Did The Stainless Steel Medic Alert Pendant Turn DS\'s Neck Black?

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By Heather3 on Thu, 06-28-07, 15:56

Is it because it is so hot out that it has been reacting with sweat? It's not for lack of bathing, that's for sure.

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By Kathy L. on Thu, 06-28-07, 16:04

I have certain jewelry that will do that if I have sunscreen on; maybe that or some other lotion might be reacting to it?

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By ajas_folks on Thu, 06-28-07, 17:13

Have you checked the Medic Alert website to see if this topic is addressed there? Or even e-mail them to ask this question?



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By runmom on Thu, 06-28-07, 17:31

It is a reaction that some people have to the metal. My wrist will turn black if I run in my stainless steel watch. Sometimes silver jewelry will do that to me as well. No big deal it washes off.



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By saknjmom on Thu, 06-28-07, 18:36

My watch (stainless steel & gold) turns my wrist black sometimes. I thought the watch band was dirty....

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By Timmysmom on Thu, 06-28-07, 20:51

I may be wrong...but I thought it was possibly your body's reaction to nickel in the metal?

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By starlight on Thu, 06-28-07, 23:09

I was under the impression if nickel turned your skin black that you were anemic.

May just be an urban legend from when I was a kid though.

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By starlight on Thu, 06-28-07, 23:24

There's a bunch of info about 1/3 of the way down on this page on why gold turns skin black, and it includes reasons why any kinds of metal can turn your skin black.

I guess the anemia thing hasn't been proven or disproven.


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By Claire on Fri, 06-29-07, 01:18

We have a dog that is having this issue with her collor. All black on her neck. I have had so many people notice this lately. I think because she is so hot and that combination of sweat is a problem for her.
Good luck


Claire E Allen

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By JND on Fri, 06-29-07, 12:00

Just to add another anecdote, my mother's skin turns black under gold jewelry. Never knew what it was exactly, but it was apparently harmless.

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By on Fri, 06-29-07, 13:00

Gold and other metals turns my skin black if I have had carbonated drinks. It's the acid level in my skin. I rarely drink any soda and have not had this problem lately.

It will also happen if I eat a lot of tomatoe based sauces, again the acid level.

It is harmless and has never caused any discomfort. Except when my wedding ring leaves a black ring on my finger and it appears to be cheap junk [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/redface.gif[/img]

Have a blessed day,

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By KarenT on Fri, 06-29-07, 23:50

I always think it happens to me only when I eat alot of garlic? Maybe it is carbon drinks since it is usually when I am out for a fancy meal?




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By roaansen on Thu, 10-31-13, 07:30

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