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White Kids May Be More Allergic to Peanuts

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By JudyH on Thu, 11-18-04, 02:10


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By Cindia on Thu, 11-18-04, 04:49

I read it, but am not convinced. It is possible that the non-whites kids are less likely to have adequate doctor care and less likely to see a specialist (allergist). There may be many reasons such as economic that he didn't even touch on.
Also, many general practice pediatricians are reluctant to prescribe epi-pens. If there is a language problem, there might be difficulty and reluctance requesting one.

Also, the diet of "minority" families that have been in the US for a couple of generations are not that different from Caucasian families.

What about mixed race kids? Mine are part Asian, part Caucasian. Most of the PA kids that I know happen to be Asian.

There are probably many other possibilities, too tired to consider anymore at the moment. Kinda seems like a lazy study.


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