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Whey-out Chocolate: Just Desserts for People with Food Allergies

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By joyojoy on Sat, 01-12-08, 20:11

I'm happy to announce I have FINALLY managed to get my online shopping up and running so you can now by allergen-free treats at my shop: [url="http://www.wheyoutchocolate.com"]http://www.wheyoutchocolate.com[/url]

I don't have all of the products loaded on the shopping page yet, but I'm working on it more this weekend. Also, please feel free to give me input on the site so far. It's still a work in progress, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

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By Joanne on Sat, 01-12-08, 21:59

Do your products contain eggs? My DS is also egg allergic.

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By joyojoy on Sun, 01-13-08, 02:16

No eggs, either! In fact, I just updated the page to include eggs in the "doesn't contain" lists.

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