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Where do I start?

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By Mom2Ian on Sat, 03-03-07, 01:30

This is all so new to me and the more I read the more scared I become. With the egg and soy allergies and now adding peanuts and treenuts it seems like there is so little that my two year old ds can safely eat.

Do any of you have any tips to make finding the safe foods and brands a little easier.

I am so disapointed. He loves Tommas the train and the local supermart backery makes a cake in the shape of Tommas I wanted to order for his 2nd B-day next week but now with the peanut diagnosis I understand its not safe to order from the bakery any Ideas?

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By Mom2Ian on Sat, 03-03-07, 01:42

I just saw an adorable Cars cake further down the page. Does anyone know if there is a Tomas pan? I have tried a few decorative cakes I think I could do it.

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By Donni on Sat, 03-03-07, 02:34


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By NicoleinNH on Sat, 03-03-07, 12:33

Mom2Ian-There is definitely a Thomas the train pan. Even without peanut allergy, the bakery cake would have contained egg & soy, right?

I've now been decorating (self-taught with a Wilton book) cakes for my kids for almost 5 years. They love seeing the result and I do hope it is one of the positive memories that comes out of growing up in an allergen-free (well, our allergens) house [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] I am surprised by how good many of the egg-free cakes taste (chocolate is the easiest to have come out 'right').

My DD is allergic to eggs, as well as peanuts & tree nuts, which rules out any bakery products.

Good luck!

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