When the next meal could be her last

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By SkyMom on Thu, 05-01-08, 16:15

Article regarding a child's reaction and trip to the hospital.

[url="http://AndoverTownsman.com"]When the next meal could be her last[/url]

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By cfkjc2 on Fri, 05-02-08, 07:08

What a "great" article. Great in terms of educating people..... If such details still do not register to some of our friends and family -well, I don't know what to think of these people.
Skymom, thank you, for still being so active here on the blog. I noticed your kids are already outgrown peanut allergy, I am so happy for you and grateful that you are still so involved in making a difference here.



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By SkyMom on Fri, 05-02-08, 16:34

cfkjc2, I think you misread my signature. My daughter outgrew her egg allergy and my son outgrew a dairy allergy. Unfortunately my dd is still very much pa and others. Sorry if my signature confused you. As to the article I agree that it is very good for showing others the seriousness of fa.

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By cfkjc2 on Fri, 05-02-08, 17:49

I see, still, I and trust many others, appreciate your posts!



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By SkyMom on Fri, 05-02-08, 18:55

Thank you. I appreciate all of you as well. I still continue to learn all the time from all of you.

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