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What wording do you put on a medical alert bracelet?

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By Mookie86 on Sat, 09-23-06, 03:26

I'm trying to finalize the wording to go on my child's medical ID bracelet, and I would appreciate feedback. On the front, I get four lines, 13 characters per line. On the back, I get four lines, 19 characters per line.

Draft of Front:

Traditional medical symbol on left
CALL 911

Draft of Back:

I have read old posts for people's arguments in favor of MedicAlert. DH and I both agree that we don't want their 800# on the bracelet. We're concerned someone will call them for further instructions before calling 911. Also, I like having a 2-sided bracelet and being able to fit the extra info. on it.

Thinking similarly, do you think someone would spend the time looking for the bag containing the medicines, instructions, and contact info. instead of calling 911? I'd like to put that info. on the bracelet so someone could administer the epi while waiting for 911, if they were willing to read the directions and do so. However, if they aren't going to be willing to give the epi, I don't want them wasting time and looking for contact information. Should I write on the front "CALL 911 1ST"???

Is it clear when I write that ADULT CARRIES MEDS that it's worn on the adult with my child that it's in the adult's bag?

I have read old posts about some people's concerns about putting the child's name on the bracelet. If a predator is so close to my child that they can read the bracelet, they've probably already kidnapped him. Odds seem greater that he would be lost or unconscious, and having the name on there would be a benefit since I'm not comfortable with MedicAlert.

Finally, is it better to go with the red background on the medical alert symbol? I like the look of the blue, but I wonder if it's as noticeable as the red background.

Any other thoughts on wording to change, add, or delete? Thanks for helping me with this very important decision.

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By ~*Trace*~ on Sat, 09-23-06, 05:14

Here's what's on my ds' bracelet (bought from Renee at Petite Baubles)


ds name
Severe nut
Allergy ALL
Nuts Epi Pens

Asthma uses inhaler
my cell phone #
dh's cell phone #
ds dob

He wears his epi (allery) pack. It has an epi pen, his inhaler and his spacer.

I LOVE that our phone numbers are on it (as opposed to a middle man iywkim and I always, always have my cell) As far as the safety/security imvho having this info is helpful and imvho doesn't increase my ds changes of getting abducted and etc.

So, that's what's on my ds'.


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By ~*Trace*~ on Sat, 09-23-06, 05:15

Oh, I was advised by medics to use the red symbol.

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By Marizona on Sat, 09-23-06, 14:53

My son`s says "severely allergic peanuts, eggs, use epipen, call 911". We had the cell phone numbers on ours until we went to one of those Kids ID events at the police station where you get your kids fingerprinted in case they are abducted. They told us to take off the cell phone numbers because of the abduction issue (we didn`t ask, they were giving general tips about how to avoid abduction and they noticed all the personal information on my son`s bracelet). I had been under the impression that if the abductor has my phone number, they also have my child. They named several common abduction situations where the child is observed for quite some time before being abducted and abductor acquires all kinds of personal information on the child. Abductors can do this even if your child is always with you or at school, it is amazing the ploys they use. They know that kids have been told not to speak with strangers, but the abductors come up with all kinds of creative ways to act like they know the child, ways I would never even imagine.

We debated for awhile whether to put "severely allergic" or to put "anaphylaxis". We decided since you don`t know whether the person who is reading your child`s bracelet is medical or not, it was best to put "severely allergic".

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By TarynsDad on Sat, 09-23-06, 18:16

I was also wondering about this same thing and spoke with my sil, who works for an ambulance service as an EMT. Her and her coworkers suggest instead of just peanut allergy is should say severe or life threatening....She said even EMTP's may think an allergy may just be an allergy, so if it said SEVERE or FATAL it would help a lot.

She also didnt think I should pay for the one that charges an annual fee beause in the field, they dont have time to call anyways. She said there main goal is to address the immediate situation and get you to the hospital alive. However, she did say the hospital may call.

In my kids case, they are both young enough that they will not be anywhere by themselves....with that said, I will just be ordering two bracelets with the symbol on them. One saying Fatal Peanut allergy amoung other info, and the other is for my son who has seizures...but thats a different topic.


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By smudgesgarden on Sun, 09-24-06, 01:23

we use a medic allert,
our sons says antiflatic to peanuts, alergic to dairy, dogs, amoxicillin and cefzil
he is alergic to other things but thoes are the biggies...
medic allert has the info on the other allergies. they also have the phone number for the people to call in case of and emergency and both of my sons doctors.

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By mommamia8 on Sun, 09-24-06, 01:51

Well, to be honest, I don't like the wording on the back. The adult carrying the meds would be right there with your child, right? Is this in case the adult is not able to respond? ie-accident?

I really can't help much more. I having been dragging my feet on getting my ds a bracelet so I haven't had to come up with the wording yet.

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By Carefulmom on Sun, 09-24-06, 02:25

If your child is with you and you are in a car accident and you are unconscious, all they will know about your child is what is on the bracelet unless you do the real Medic Alert one with the phone number. Medic Alert has my dd`s medications, medical history, contact numbers for all my relatives, contact numbers for dd`s pediatricain and allergist, and many other things. There is no way to put all that on a bracelet. For example, if we were in an accident, once we got to the hospital and they called Medic Alert, the doctor would then know what asthma meds dd is on and what doses. This is assuming I am unconscious. There is no way to put all that necessary information on a bracelet.

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By 3xy1PAinNH on Sun, 09-24-06, 15:13

I personally don't understand your logic regarding the medic alert. If you are in an accident and are unresponsive, then someone will be calling 911 anyway?!? right? Otherwise you are with your child, as you are the one carrying the meds?!?

I was just speaking with our paramedics last week at a town fair and they were talking about how they like the medic alert. Very professional organization. They will put whatever you want on the bracelet.

Good luck with your choice...I can't help with wording, I would go with medic alert.

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By Carefulmom on Sun, 09-24-06, 15:31

Are you asking me? I think you were. My point was if you are in an accident and unconscious, 911 is called, but there is no information on your child other than what is on his bracelet unless you go with the real Medic Alert. Then once your child gets to the hospital, you are still unconscious, the doctor will call Medic Alert, give them the number on your child`s bracelet, and be able to find out your child`s history, what meds he is on, contact phone numbers for the allergist and pediatrician, contact numbers for your family. If your child has a bracelet that is not Medic Alert, then there is not that option. No one will know what meds your child is on, who his allergist is, etc. Your child will receive better care with the real Medic Alert bracelet, because the phone number can be called and the necessary information on your child obtained. If my dd did not have the Medic Alert bracelet and I were unconscious, she would not receive her asthma meds, because the doctor would not even know she is on them.

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