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What to write on Medical ID?

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By sfrzn on Mon, 08-11-08, 04:10

Hi there...

I am about to purchase a med. id for my toddler, and i was wanting to see what everyone's sugguestions are for the writing?
He also has milk allergy - not severe... but should i include it anyway?
What else to you believe to be the most important?

Thanks...really appreciate all everyone has written- i feel i iam not alone in this new 'adventure'

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By robyn on Mon, 08-11-08, 23:42

My son is 3 and just started wearing a bracelet. His says "Peanut allergy: EpiPen then call 911." I didn't have a lot of room but it said my message loud and clear.

Since there isn't a lot of room and his milk allergy isn't severe, I wouldn't include it on the front. The place I ordered his from lets you engrave on the back, too. You could put in there if you wanted. I got ours from [url="http://www.petitebaublesboutique.com/."]http://www.petitebaublesboutique.com/.[/url]

Hope that helps!

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By Bebe on Thu, 03-19-09, 19:43

Thank you for this! I went to their website and ordered the exact same thing. I really like the "Use EpiPen, then Call 911" part. Thanks!

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By mom2landz on Tue, 08-12-08, 14:24

thanks for the link, robyn.

we'll be ordering today.

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By Mrsdocrse on Wed, 08-13-08, 01:29

I put allergic to peanuts and amoxicillan. Only the allergies that are life threatening...

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By phoenixrizing69 on Thu, 08-14-08, 17:27

I put allergic to peanuts and other nut products on mine. But if my member number used, it will notify the medics of a penicillin allergy (hives only). But now it appears I am mildly allergic to cats (nothing serious just makes my life miserable).

I ordered mine from MedicAlert.

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By katiee on Tue, 08-19-08, 13:10

My son's says Asthma, Severe Peanut Allergy, Carries epipen.


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By AdairBear on Tue, 05-12-09, 17:09

I love www.petitebaublesboutique.com.
We ordered my sons bracelet his weekend and can't wait to get it. They are cute and serve a great purpose.
We put his allergy, use epipen, call 911 on the front and then on the back we have his name, dob and our phone numbers.

I was wary of having all his personally info on it, but felt in case of an emergency a Dr or Hospital would need it.

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By davegs on Fri, 03-19-10, 12:50

I see a lot of people coming in to narconon vistabay from the hospitals with their medical ID's on

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By manjhun on Thu, 08-26-10, 18:34

I would suggest going electronic in today's world. There is USB card/medallion available from www.911medicalid.com. For kids, I will suggest medallion, that can be worn in neck. These devices can carry lots of medical information and you don't have to worry about surface space as in bracelets. In fact these devices can be used at ER or doctor's office for comprehensive medical info.

I hope this helps.

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