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what to engrave?

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By Giovanna on Wed, 08-09-06, 15:09

We're about to get a medical alert bracelet but I was wondering what to engrave.
What do you have on your kids' bracelets?
I was just thinking...

Do you guys have other information engraved on it?
I'm sort of new to this whole peanut allergy thing. He officially hasn't been tested for tree nuts but the doctor said to completely avoid all other nuts until he's at least 5 (he' 2 1/2 now) and then we'll test him. I'm just getting nervous now that he's starting preschool in the fall.
Thanks for your help.

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By Timmysmom on Wed, 08-09-06, 15:23

First off, welcome!! You will find a wealth of knowledge here!

On my son's bracelet:

Anaphylaxis to Peanuts/treenuts
use epi-pen/call 911
our home phone number

I have a friend who makes bracelets for her diabetic son and started her own business. If you're interested:

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By saknjmom on Wed, 08-09-06, 15:24

there are other posts about this...I will try to re raise.
if you are getting med alert they will help you when you order it.

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By saknjmom on Wed, 08-09-06, 15:56

I re raised in the main discussion forum.

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By Giovanna on Wed, 08-09-06, 16:07

Thanks, now I see it.

Mom to identical twins and TTTS Survivors born 26w6d

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