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What is your (or your PA Child\'s) IgE Level?

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By SpudBerry on Wed, 02-26-03, 20:37

OK - It's 2 weeks since I heard what my PA's son's IgE levels are, and I still can't get it out of my mind. When I first heard about his level, I was horrified - thinking that he was WAY high, then MommaBear responded with her son's levels and that made me feel better, His were higher than Mike's. But then it is still sitting in the back of my head, just because her son's were higher than mine doesn't make my son's any less high. Does that make any sense? Anyway - I was hoping for more input on this topic - if I had several people's numbers to compare to rather than just one, I'd hopefully get a sense of how extreme his numbers were.

My son is 3 years old and his level was 145 - a 2 to 3 year old's level should be from 0 - 24.

MommaBear responded that her son's level was an 850. But I don't know what age he is, and what the 'normal' range is for that age.

Is there any one else out there that knows what your total IgE levels are, and what the 'norm' is for your age?



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By mitch'smom on Wed, 02-26-03, 21:02

My son's level is probably one of the lowest ones that you will hear on the board. His is a .71, and he is 7 1/2 years old. I didnt realize that age made a difference as to what your level should be. It is my understanding that anything above .35 is bad no matter what age you are.

I am curious to hear more about age in relation to IGE level.

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By SpudBerry on Wed, 02-26-03, 21:07

Is that his total IgE level? Meaning not just his peanut numbers - but his likely hood of having an allergic reaction to things in general?

I ask, because the numbers look different - your numbers are less than 1 and the number I was given is in whole numbers.


Oh - yeah, and I don't know if there is a big difference in the age thing or not. I was just told that a 2 to 3 year old should be between 0 and 24, so I don't know what a 7 year old should be.

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By Love my C on Wed, 02-26-03, 21:14

Is the total IGE level only available from a CAP RAST? My son's test is just the RAST and I don't see a # stating total IGE, unless I'm missing something.

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By SpudBerry on Wed, 02-26-03, 21:19

My son's tests were just the RAST tests too (I think), I know that the Total Number was on a different page - but the allergist thought it was worth noting, so he pulled it out, then wrote it on the copy of the other results he sent home with me.


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By mitch'smom on Wed, 02-26-03, 21:29

Hmmm....my son's number is his result from a CAP RAST test. They only tested him for peanut, so I dont think that would be the whole number you are looking for. I dont remember the DR. saying anything about a TOTAL IGE level.

Sorry I cant help more.

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By MommaBear on Wed, 02-26-03, 22:58


I'll look up my son's lab results, they had "normals" on them. I'll also try to find out if there are any age related "norms". If I remember correctly, my son was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above the "normal high". Give me a day, as it may be buried in the basement. I thought I had it on my hard drive.........


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By kcmom on Thu, 02-27-03, 01:00

My dd had this on her RAST report when she had RAST done at 12 months. At 12 months (she is 2 now) it was 13.6.
She just had RAST done last month, this time from a different lab, and it was not reported.

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By synthia on Thu, 02-27-03, 03:08

Iam not sure if this helps
But Little V's test was at 1 1/2 yo

Specific------KU/L---------% Response

0 ---------<0.35-----------<60--------------

1/0 -----------------------61-70---------
1-----------0.35-.70--------71-110 ------
4----------17.6-50------ 601-2000-Little v---

The last column is
Level of Allergen
Specific IGE


Low Level-----This is 1 on the IGE class

Moderate Level

High Level

Very High Level-------------------Little v

Increasing Level

Increasing Level

Little v's Level was 7.45--on the KU/L
and 1296--on the % Response

Needless to say she is a 4

28 days before this test she was givin a Lances PB cracker and we think she indegested 1/4 the size of a dimes worth.

Hope this helps some on.
After all is'nt that what we are here for.

Love this site

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By SpudBerry on Thu, 02-27-03, 05:02

Synthia - those numbers are very interesting. They look to be the same as my son's numbers - at least the scale. My Michael's Peanut numbers came back at 40.1 or a 6932%. Meaning a definite level 5.

But the number I was asking for here is her overall IgE number - not just to Peanut.

Did they give you a Total IgE number when they gave you little V's results?


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By JSaastad on Thu, 02-27-03, 05:47

My non pa ds' overall IGE was 388 2 yrs ago. The scale on the test says:

< 18 Negative for Atopic Allergy
18 - 158 Equivocal for Atopic Allergy
>158 Probably Atopic Allergy

His dr. always refers to him as highly allergic. He is allergic to latex and bananas and others, people have a hard time believing it is a true allergy. Dr. just says he is very atopic. Sorry to whine, we all have our difficulties to deal with. His brother is pa.


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By ACBaay on Thu, 02-27-03, 12:49

My son's total Ige was:
age 3 1358
age 5 465
This seems like a pretty drastic decrease in two years. But with future exposure to the allergens, the body would produce additional Ige and the number would increase.(hopefully not on both accounts)


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By smack on Thu, 02-27-03, 12:52

My allergist wouldn't give me a copy of my son's test and called in the results.

When I go back in May I'll have to ask him what his IgE level's were. I didn't know that it could be a factor in changing the score. Anyway on the CapRast he was 9.43

And Jill, you weren't whining at all, that's a heck of a lot to deal with. You guys all have the right to whine here on these boards.

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By austin2001 on Thu, 02-27-03, 17:11

Maybe I can help clarify the confusion about the Total IgE and specific RAST IgE tests. i encounter these every day. In my job at the hospital, I work in the lab. We send these out regularly on allergy patients...And we just got my PA son's results back this week.
Total IgE is the amount of IgE antibody that is circulating in the blood. Ig is also called and immunoglobulin. There are various types of immunoglobulins in the blood, but IgE is specific for allergy. The total IgE is the TOTAL amount of IgE or immunoglobulin E that is in your blood. It is indicitve of allergic response. Depending on what you are allergic to- the total count would be all of those substances added up. Make sense? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
The RAST test is IgE specific, in that it counts the amount of IgE for a particular allergen (peanut for us). WHat happens in the body is that we have IgE (also called anitbody) that is in our system. When the offending substance (called the antigen) enters the body, the antibody binds with the antigen. (our immune system looks as it as if it were foreign and "attacks"it.) When this happens, Mast cells release histamine and cause an allergic reaction. We all know what that can be like! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]
By measuring a baseline IGE specific for peanut and then measuring it a year or 2 later, you can see if it has risen or decreased. Many tests after many years may help to determine a trend..and I assume can rise if you had an exposure. Hope that helps... [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By austin2001 on Thu, 02-27-03, 17:23

Almost forgot...our results:

Austin will be 2 in May. He had his first peanut exposure at 9 months old. It was anaphylactic. He is also anaphylactic to eggs. Has had 2 exposures that caused near anaphylaxis (not as bad as the peanut)- one when he was 10 months old and one when he was 1 year old. (until then he had consumed egg in the cooked form, baked in homemade cakes and in Gerber foods)
He was RAST'ed in may 2002 : peanut was 8.75 KU/L (1271% ref). egg white was 57.1 KU/L (3800% ref). egg yolk was 4.85 KU/L (769%ref). His total IgE was 520. normal is <53 FOR ALL AGES.
We got new results on his blood drawn last friday (10 months after the inital tests):
Peanut has dropped!! 3.36 KU/L (712%ref) and they did whole egg this time: 10.7 KU/L (1679% ref). His total IgE had dropped to 155.
To us this means even more caution on accidental exposure. I pray every day that we can deal with this allergy in a sane way. I am a firm believer in that God won't give you something he thinks you can't handle.
stay safe!

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By smack on Thu, 02-27-03, 19:43

Thanks a lot Allison for explaining the IgE and giving your son's results to us!

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By DebO on Fri, 02-28-03, 03:20

I am not peanut allergic but my last IGE level was 950 (yes I am miserable from my allergies most of the time).

take care


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By SpudBerry on Fri, 02-28-03, 03:56

I would like to thank everyone that has responded to this thread & encourage any one else to give us their numbers too.

I'm finding that apparently my son has a very high Peanut number but not so bad of an overall number - I'm thinking that probably means that although he is extremely allergic to peanuts, he doesn't seem to be allergic to many other things - and hopefully won't be later on either.

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By on Fri, 02-28-03, 04:33

I can probably confuse everyone now! I don't know the TOTAL IGE yet, but will try to call on Monday to see if I can get the results. We had a CAP RAST done in June (I believe) of last year. His peanut was ZERO. He has experienced several anaphylactic reactions to peanut in the past, and even reacted to cross contamination. They food challenged and he definately did not pass!!! Two weeks later he had another reaction that was considered anaphylactic. He is also allergic to tree nuts but don't know the exact results of those.

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By kajc on Fri, 02-28-03, 09:18

Synthia- Thank you so much for the explaination on the numbers!! I've been coming to this site since June and I never knew what a "class 4" or whatever meant. My allergist never mentioned anything about those, just the numbers on the test. Anyway Autumn's results were:

26.0 KU/L
2707 % REF
So I guess that makes her a class 5?

Also, her allergist said he has actually had patients in the 7000's in the % REF. So I guess there's always someone worse off out there!

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By SpudBerry on Fri, 02-28-03, 15:56

Kay - that last comment of yours kind of made my stomach turn [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] My son's numbers are really close to that 7000% that seems SO high to your allergist - he is a 6932%.

Not that it really changes anything - I've always known that the reaction he had was REALLY severe, and that his numbers would turn out pretty high - but seeing them in black & white is still kind of shocking.


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By samirosenjacken on Fri, 02-28-03, 18:02

Our results were like Synthia's... Sam was >100 which classified her as a class 6....

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By MommaBear on Sat, 03-01-03, 01:27

Just to let you know, hubby is painting the basement, and I can't get to the boxes I need to look in. (We cleaned out the basement and repacked stuff for painting a few weeks ago---I haven't the faintest idea where to look. If I remember correctly,my sons IgE level was around 10 times the normal "high level". I believe it was "total IgE" being the 850 number. His "allergen level" was ">100" and the rast blood test was between 5000 and 6000. This is all from memory. At the time he was being tested to confirm his Peanut Allery. He was in Kindergarten and 5 or 6 at the time. Despite his numerous environmental allergies, his peanut allergy (anaphylactic), nut allergy(anaphylactic), and lentil allergy (anaphylactic), being catagorized as an "atopic" child, asthma, excema, etc,........, and "special needs". I have found being his mother a joy, blessing, and reward.

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By nancy023 on Tue, 03-04-03, 21:22

Just back from the allergist, my 5-year old son's IGE was 506. My allergist said she had to wait a while to do additional allergy testing on my 3 year old after a recent anaphylactic reaction (to see if his allergy has gotten worse) because incidents of recent anaphylaxis can skew test results.

Austin's mom (or anyone else), do you know if this is true for all allergy tests, blood as well as skin and IGE as well as Rast?

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By Rae on Tue, 03-18-03, 03:03

Jenna's total IGE level was 2,101 at age 5. But, you all give me hope since I see they often drop. The allergist didn't have test run for Peanut specifically.

Does anyone know what IGG is? She was high on a "IGG Subclass 4" test.

On other bloodwork, where they were testing her immune system in general, she showed high levels on "WBC, MCHC, PLT, SEG, and EOS" I have no idea what those are [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By austin2001 on Tue, 03-18-03, 15:29

IgG is also an immunoglobulin, or antibody. This type of antibody is different from the IgE, in that IgG levels show past exposure or immunity. it is the kind of immunity you get when you have a vaccine (good example).

WBC is the white blood cell count. Segs are the segmented white cells -called neutrophils which can indicate bacterial infection. on the flip side, lymphocytes (indicating viral infection) have a solid nucleus (center of the cell) rather than a segmented nucleus like neutrophils do. Eos are eosinophils. Those can be present in allergy and also in parasitic infection.
although i don't know the whole picture, it seems that the results you posted about may indicated an elevated white count due to ? infection?? also the eos could be indicative of some type of allergy....

MCHC is the mean corpuscular hemoglobin content...this shows the relationship between the size of the red blood cells and the hemoglobin in the body.
hope i haven't totally confused you.....


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By Rae on Tue, 03-18-03, 17:14

Thank you. At the time she was having infections, and had just gotten out of the hospital with staph infection.

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By synthia on Sun, 03-30-03, 01:31

re-raising for a new member
Love this site

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By katjam on Thu, 07-31-03, 06:03

I'm re-raising this thread because I have just discovered that ds (age 5) has a total IGE of 3,160. His PA RAST is still >100, and I feel like a crazy fool for having hoped for a decrease. I just can't fathom what a total IGE this high could mean. His allergist said that this test has little predictive value, but I just can't believe that it doesn't. DD's total IGE is 1,300 and she is a class 3 to peanut. I'm beginning to think that only a bubble will do for us. The strange thing is that they've done so well (reaction-wise) so far.

Does anyone know anything about total IGE and what it means in a general sense? Are my children just walking time bombs, with IGE antibodies ready to specify? I know I sound frantic, but I think I actually am right now. Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to understand the implications. Thanks!


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By wendysco on Thu, 07-31-03, 13:37

Wow I can't believe the numbers I'm reading. My ds who is PA/Soy/Dairy/egg white had an IGE level of 40.5 back in May. My guess is it was only this low because we had been avoiding soy and milk for quite awhile and we were doing our best to avoid nuts. Now my dd tests are only partly back, her IGE is 94 which is more than 2SD's which is supposedly a greater chance of being severely atopic, although she has always had similar reactions as her brother, they are always delayed and much less severe. Her eczema was never like her brothers, she had only 2 or 3 small spots that completely resolved when we took her off formula, her poor brother had it for over a year all cracked and bleeding.
I can't believe some of these kids have numbers in the thousands.

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By LAWICEE on Thu, 07-31-03, 13:55


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By ajinnj on Thu, 07-31-03, 16:35

Nancy in response to your question about skewed IGE results after an anaphylactic reaction, IGE levels change constantly. After a reaction the immune system is on high alert and thus there is more IGE present. Similarly, people with environmental allergies may have a higher Total IGE during allergy season. These results are VERY variable. I have severe asthma, extremely environmentally challenged, and fa to pn, tn, sesame and poppy seed. I am a class 3 to peanut. My last total IGE was around 500 but 2 years ago it was 175 so it really varies. Hope this helps.

Allison (not Austin's mom)

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By erik on Thu, 07-31-03, 16:44

I have never had an IGE test so I do not know my level. I have only had skin tests when I was younger.

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By jtolpin on Thu, 07-31-03, 17:48

Sally, some comments:

[quote]Originally posted by katjam:
[B]I'm re-raising this thread because I have just discovered that ds (age 5) has a total IGE of 3,160.

This number could be raised because his immune system is reacting to pollen, to foods he ate last night, or anything! if he has eczema, and its flaring, and his body is 'out of control' it increases the total IGE. ( I know that was mentioned before)

His PA RAST is still >100, and I feel like a crazy fool for having hoped for a decrease. I just can't fathom what a total IGE this high could mean.

All it means is he's allergic to peanuts. Plain and simple. Do not waste time/energy on this number. He's allergic.

When Caitlin had her 2 year rast, her total IGE was 3,990. Her peanut/milk/egg scores were ALL >100. All it means is she's allergic. Avoid foods with them. She'll go for her 3 1/2 yr rast in November (once we make the appt). I can assume the #'s won't go down (or they do very slightly). We will still avoid them all, as we have in the past...

FWIW -- DW is anaphylactic to peanuts, never consumed them while PG, never consumed them while BF, never given them to Caitlin directly, and unless there's been some sort of x-contam, Caitlins never had them...

Caitlin 4-17-00 Allergic to Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Bananas, Grapes, Rye, Sesame, Beef and Avoiding Latex and all Nuts
Sara 2-13-98 NKA (avoiding nuts)
Meghan 2-28-03 dx'ed Reflux - Alimentum feeder

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By choguy on Thu, 07-31-03, 18:26

I found this sight that should tell you everything you wanted to know about IgE testing but were afraid to ask:


In general, IgE antibodies have two major functions. They seem to be the primary defense directed towards parasitic infections (eg. toxoplasmosis is very common in Europe and somewhat common in USA). Of course, they are the primary antibody involved in any allergic reaction. If one is exposed to any allergen, IgE levels will be increased for some time (even without symptoms).

Hope this helps somebody. This website was interesting to me...


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By ajinnj on Thu, 09-04-03, 21:35


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By jayjay on Fri, 09-05-03, 01:30

My almost 4 year old son Total Ige came back at 156 .The nurse said that it should be 128 or less for his age.I don't understand because some on these board say they should be 0-24.

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By austin2001 on Fri, 09-05-03, 16:30

just was reading thru this thread again. I noticed something i posted was not correct....I believe that the total IgE is age specific, but off hand I cannot tell y'all what the breakdown is. The last time Austin was tested he was 155. i think that his normal value ( based on 2yrs of age) was somewhere around 90.
SOmething to look at: when a lab report comes back, there should be a "normal range" value alongside your result. That is something that you could ask your doc about. Normals can be different based on WHO does the test, and what BRAND of kit they use. ie QUest diagnostics may use a diffent kit than another lab....

again...my appologies...

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By synthia on Fri, 09-05-03, 17:13


I have Little v's test and Little A's

Where would I find the Total IGE number.
Of course littleA's test came back neg for peanut and others like choclate,but on the skin test for chocolate it came back 3 on the skin test. Go figure....

I do have on Little A report where the levels for his age shouold be I'll try to post them tonight.

Love this site

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By KateB on Tue, 09-16-03, 02:14


I'm going to ask a really stupid question, but I can't find the answer anywhere on this site by searching, nor can I find it on a Google search.

What does KU/L stand for??

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By Jazz It Up on Thu, 09-25-03, 01:44

My son was tested @ the age of 10 months when he had his first anaphylactic reaction to PB. His IgE was 2,130 to peanuts; 800 range for egg; 270 for milk and I forgot what his score was for soybean.

I would be very curious as to what his levels are now. (He is 9 1/2 now).

Stay Safe!


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By e-mom on Thu, 09-25-03, 03:30

My PA ds #1 (will be 5 in November) was just RAST tested a couple of weeks ago for peanut only.

We have the same chart that Synthia posted.

His Total IGE was 20. His RAST came back with a 1.73KU/L, 325% Ref, Class 3, High Level.

The allergist told us that he would not require allergy shots.

My NO PA ds #2 (just turned 3 in August) was also RAST tested for peanut only.

His Total IGE was <2. His RAST came back with a <0.35KU/L, 36.5% Ref, Class 0, Absent/Undetectable.

Allergist again told us that he would not require allergy shots.

Our tests were done by Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, Wood Dale, Illinois

Hope this helps. (I still don't understand it.)

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By jtolpin on Thu, 09-25-03, 15:55

We just had Meghans RAST done today (yes, shes now part of the family, as if she wasn't already!)

It included milk, soy, egg, wheat, rice and peanut. We'll find ther esults next week. It will NOT surpirse me, when she comes back PA, despite no peanuts in utero et al...

Will post with results nxt wk.

Caitlin 4-17-00 Allergic to Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Bananas, Grapes, Rye, Sesame, Beef and Avoiding Latex and all Nuts
Sara 2-13-98 NKA (avoiding nuts)
Meghan 2-28-03 dx'ed Reflux - Alimentum feeder, Zantac - 1.5ml 2x/day - awaiting RAST results

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By eastcoastmom on Tue, 10-09-12, 13:40

Hi-Can someone explain this. We got our results back and are waiting for allergist appointment

total ige is in range 67 and range would be 0-167

but..peanut is 1.89 so that would make dc a class two on the peanut scale. Pediatrician isn't sure as he said usually the total ige is high for it to be a true allergy

Does this still mean my child is allergic to peanuts? I am confused.

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By cathlina on Wed, 10-10-12, 01:04

I am a Class 2 and AM ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS!

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By DawnC on Sat, 01-12-13, 01:39

My son at 22 months had his first inhalatin reaction to peanut butter at 7 years old he had his first cross contamination and digested a backery good. His bloodwork comes off the charts past level six. He is the most amazing well adjusted 11 year old . We live allitlle differntly like no flying, no baseball games he eats in a classroom wth 3 safe friends and is a full carry epipen holder since 4th grade. We told him the good bad and ugly things tht come wth peanut allergys. Im so proud of he way he handles it . This is such a great place for all of us to share our expieriences!

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