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What is \"Pea Flour\"???

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By Mary Kay on Wed, 05-05-99, 04:01

I was in our neighborhood Jewel grocery store (Chicago area) today and on the butter croissants the last ingredient was pea flour. The manager put me in touch with the manufacturer and they did call me back to tell me that was an old label and they didn't use it any more. It was listed last and when they did use it they only used a little bit to dust with, so nothing would stick. But, he couldn't tell me what it was. He thought it may have been a brand name for some type of flour. Of course I didn't buy them, but my peanut allergic son has eaten them before. So, if there is anyone out there with information on this mysterious ingredient I would love to find out just what exactly "pea flour" is. Thanks.

Mary Kay

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By Liz on Wed, 05-05-99, 08:46

pea flour is usually ground up peas ( as in split peas) but could also be beans or lupine. Should only be a problem if you are sensitive to other legumes besides peanut.


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