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What does it feel like to use the epi pen?

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By Mamalynx on Mon, 11-07-05, 04:49

Can someone describe to me what this feels like?

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By Scruffy on Thu, 11-10-05, 23:57

i can't answer your question, as i have been fortunte enough to never have had to use mine. but i wonder the same thing... anyone?

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By on Fri, 11-11-05, 15:06

I didn't actually use the epi-pen - but I did get a shot of epinephrine in the hospital.

It felt like I had suddenly resurfaced from a dirty pond. I remember suddenly being able to take in a deep breath, lights became very bright, and colours came back.

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By StartingOver on Fri, 11-11-05, 16:07

I have had to use the EpiPen on my son. He had been terrified of it. Once I injected him his looked at me in disbelief and said, "That's it?"

He was shocked that it didn't hurt more than it did. He got instant relief followed by a period of hyperactivity. He ran around in circles and seemed exhilirated!

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By ajgauthier on Fri, 11-11-05, 23:23

AnneMarie's description mimics mine...lovely...that IV combo of benadryl and epinephrine at a hospital. Searing coldness as you feel it shoot up your arm...then it hits your shoulder and main arteries and WHOOSH! the world suddenly gets better. Then you get really really drowsy.

I've used an epipen once...shot in the thigh through jeans. I honestly do not remember any pain, just THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU b/c the reaction had progressed pretty far.


30-year old survivor of sever peanut/tree nut allergy

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By Tabby on Fri, 11-18-05, 15:43

I don't remember my emergency room experience very well because it was almost 20 years ago as a teenager. I do remember, though, shaking with cold and my teeth chattering after the epinephrine injection. But that cold feeling didn't last very long.

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