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Wesson also makes Peanut Oil

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By Enlightened on Mon, 03-07-05, 17:03

What oils do people use besides Wesson? I just called ConAgra re: Wesson 100% Natural Canola Oil and the Vegetable (Soybean) oils. The CSR was not that familiar w/food allergens, but she read me their cross-contamination policy and looked into manufacturing plants. ConAgra does make a peanut oil in large quanity bottles for the large warehouse stores. They use same lines for all their oils, but have a lengthy cleaning process, and ingredients are stored separately, etc..............
I had called them about a year and a half ago and was told their was no chance of cross-contact w/peanut or other nut oils. My DS is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, egg and sesame. I'm so mad! I told her I wouldn't even have risked it if I had known that from the beginning.

I'm having a woman make a birthday cake for him-she has gained a local reputation for making allergen-free cakes, customized to an individual's allergen. I had her run all of her ingredients by me, and my gut said to double check on the Wesson. Always listen to your gut is the lesson here.

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By on Mon, 03-07-05, 18:09

I only use olive oils and have used Bertolli, Carapelli, and Phillipio Berrio (or something to that effect). I have checked with each company and none of them make peanut or nut oils. I just used olive oil to make a birthday cake for both my DDs.

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By Joesmom on Mon, 03-07-05, 20:48

I have used Wesson oil many times, no problems.

I do use olive oil (extra light) to make my cakes and breads. I was surprised at how moist the cake consistancy was. I now tell all my friends who wonder what I have done differently to make my box cakes taste so good, to use olive oil.

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By Donni on Mon, 03-07-05, 21:27

My son (allergic to peanuts, sesame seeds, some tree nuts and chickpeas) has reacted to Wesson oil (Right Blend, I think it's called) at least twice that I could link the skin rash directly to it.

I use Crisco Canola Oil but you should call them yourself as it's been a couple of years since I last checked.

I also use the same brands of olive oil mentioned by mom2nickie. I generally use olive oil in baking quick breads for a richer flavor.

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By Suzy Q on Mon, 03-07-05, 23:58

I use Crisco Corn Oil. I called them about 1.5 years ago and at that time they said there were no peanuts in the Crisco plant.

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By Enlightened on Tue, 03-08-05, 01:31

Thank you all for your responses. I did call Crisco regarding their shortening/oils and was told they don't make anything else in their plant. Same story w/Mazola corn oil (no p/nuts, t.n. or sesame oils). I think I will have the woman baking the cake to try the olive oil as it sounds like it comes out well. Still so mad at ConAgra-I feel like there goes any chance of his outgrowing the p.a.! How careless and irresponsible of them. Might explain why he hasn't eaten any of the cookies we've made using Wesson oil. Just thought he didn't like cookies, which isn't so bad.

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By tidina on Thu, 03-24-05, 14:37

i got the same story from wesson. dont really trust conagra. they always tell me different stuff. i use crisco now.

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