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Wendy\'s Fix \'N Mix Frosty

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By FromTheSouth on Sat, 05-13-06, 00:25

Wendy's Restaurants have added a new item to their menu called Fix 'N Mix Frosty. It is a version of the McFlurry. You can choose Butterfinger, M & M's, or Oreo cookie pieces to add to a small frosty. Their website doesn't indicate if the customer stirs in the cookies or if it is done using their equipment. Please check into this before you eat another Frosty.

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By delight32 on Fri, 05-19-06, 20:30

The mix in ingredients come in a sealed pouch which is completely separate from the frosty. The customer mixes it in.

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By lmw on Fri, 05-19-06, 21:07

Anyone else have trouble opening little packages of crumbs etc without spilling any.....? DD prefers the Frosty to a drink, at least SO FAR she's only ingestion-reactive....

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By ajas_folks on Wed, 05-24-06, 14:35

Our 1 local Wendy's is now serving ONLY the "new" vanilla frosty. We've not had one & I've not checked the ingredients on them, BUT heads up to all. You should check ingredients &/or be sure they are not using shared equipment for Chocolate & vanilla frostys IF per chance you have allergy issue with the vanilla for some reason.


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