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Wendy\'s Fast Food

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By PAGirl on Tue, 08-15-00, 22:23

I would just like to reccomend Wendy's resturaunts. They have no Peanut products there, and they do not cook anything in Peanut oil. They said they had Chocolate Chip Cookies on the website, but I haven't seen any Wendy's that had them, and they may not have any Peanut in them, either.

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By melissa on Wed, 08-16-00, 20:35

Thank you, my son enjoys eating at Wendys. We feel very safe.

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By veteran.pa on Thu, 08-17-00, 03:25

Thanks for the info. I don't eat at Wendy's but now I will give them a try.

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By tidina on Fri, 03-25-05, 22:57

is Wendys still considered safe? what about Burger King, they didnt have any peanut listed on website. Mcdonalds only does in desserts. any recommendations??

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By pgrubbs on Sat, 03-26-05, 02:36

we go there, PA only

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By sebastian on Sun, 03-27-05, 07:02

As far as Burger King is concerned, their ingred.menu raised no red flags for me...I did call them only after DD reacted pretty severely to the chicken nuggets.(this was after she had them on numerous occasions before)
It was strange because she took one bite of them and wouldn't touch them after that.
IIRC, other people on here had problems with BK as well.


(We do eat Wendy's and MCD's with no problems at all)

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By gw_mom3 on Sun, 03-27-05, 22:22

locally, we only have burger king and mcd's. Mcd's is sooooo sloppy about their flurry toppings so we don't go there anymore. We only have BK. We do have taco bell and pizza hut too but the kids like BK and pizza hut. No problems so far but my allergic dd doesn't usually eat the chicken-just fries and a whopper jr.

When we're in other towns we go to BK or wendy's.


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By Darkmage on Mon, 03-28-05, 23:50

My PA and DA son always gets spots on his face after eating a Wendy's hamburger. I thought I checked, but their buns must have dairy in them.

[i][b]Allergy Patrol[/b][/i]

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By AJSMAMA on Mon, 03-28-05, 23:58

We eat at Wendy's but I have to admit I am a little grossed out about that cut off finger in the chili thing. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

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By Ree on Tue, 03-29-05, 01:58

Quote:Originally posted by Darkmage:
[b]My PA and DA son always gets spots on his face after eating a Wendy's hamburger. I thought I checked, but their buns must have dairy in them.


The ingredients don't say milk or any dairy in the bun...that's what I thought too. My MA ds doesn't like them though, interesting.

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By mommysamuels on Tue, 03-29-05, 02:17

I was just about to say I wouldn't want the chilli. But we have done wendy's in the past. (Canada)

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By Klutzi on Tue, 03-29-05, 03:17

We are in the Midwestern U.S. We go to Wendy's, McDonald's & Burger King. The only "dessert" I allow DD is the Wendy's Frosty. DD usually has cheeseburger, pickles only & fries. Sometimes she will have the chicken fingers at Burger King.

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By tidina on Thu, 04-07-05, 20:10

does anyone know if the burger king chicken fingers have sesame seeds? dont remember reading it on list. maybe i will let my son have a few fries and thats it. he liked mcdonalds chicken better than BK. doesnt Wendys have m&ms in their desserts? how does everyone feel about dominoes, papa johns and pizza hut? thanks

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By Klutzi on Thu, 04-07-05, 20:23

Our local Wendy's only has the plain frosty.

We totally trust Papa John's. I got a great response from them. We also trust our local Pizza Hut, but have heard that some Pizza Hut's use peanut oil in their pizza. We have never tried Dominos, so I can't help you there.


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By becca on Fri, 04-08-05, 18:02

Dd likes Wendy's and it is very conveniently located with a drive thru to boot. However, I have let ds(15 mos) have fries. He is gwetting a few hives/red spots on his lips each time. He loves them and his behavior/demeanor seems fine after. I am wondering if there is a hidden ingredient, maybe soy or something. Or a cross contam iwth who knows what in the fryer. No known allergies, but we are exploring GI issues related to dairy(maybe).

Just weighing in. I am trying to check the webstie and it is not downloading the nutrition page for me. becca

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By gw_mom3 on Fri, 04-08-05, 22:49

Quote:Originally posted by AJSMAMA:
[b]We eat at Wendy's but I have to admit I am a little grossed out about that cut off finger in the chili thing. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]


They are investigating the lady that found the finger-they don't elaborate but I'm wondering if they suspect her of planting it (but...where would she get a finger???). If I can find a link I'll post it.

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By StartingOver on Fri, 04-08-05, 22:57

I just heard that a relative of her died just before this happened. Eeeew! I imagine they will exhume the body.

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By MimiM on Sat, 04-09-05, 00:08

Ewww!!! That does sound really gross especially since I happen to really like their Chili and it's low fat.

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By Clfugger on Sat, 10-05-13, 16:22

They just told me the fry w peanut oil which I don't trust

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